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European Wine Bloggers Conference

Posted by Philip James, May 6, 2008.

The first European Wine Bloggers Conference is being held in Logrono, Spain from the 29th to 31st August. In true Web 2.0 style, its going to be held as more of an un-conference.

Ryan Opaz and Robert McIntosh are doing most of the legwork on this important project, but what really interests me is how open and collaborative even the planning stage is. If you head on over to their site , you can participate in choosing and defining the round table discussions, for example. They also mandate that any presentation materials be distributed in advance, giving the audience time to fully digest and absorb the content and be ready to ask tough thought provoking questions during the talks themselves.

Proposed topics that I'd personally like to hear more about or get involved in are: wine communities, blogging standards and blogging technology.

Good luck guys - it sounds like the event is coming together. I'll be reading the materials when they are published online and hope to hear about the fantastic turnout at the event itself.


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