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Europe Bound, Give Me Your Expert Recommendations

Original post by Richard Foxall, May 1, 2012.

So, when we found out we would not be sending our older daughter to private school, we decided to celebrate by taking a long trip to Europe this summer.  Our flights put us in Amsterdam June 29 to July 1 or so, then we land in Rome.  We depart from Paris July 19 or so.  The rest is left to be filled in.  It'll be my first trip back since '88 (ouch!), when I spent 4+ weeks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France.  No Italy in there; went to Avignon and could consider returning, but not an absolute must.  Also did Epernay and Reims that trip, and probably could save the return to Champagne-land for another time, too.

We're traveling with two pre-teen kids, so extended wine tasting is not in the picture.  But planting ourselves in the countryside for a week somewhere along the way is.  (Tuscany? Piemonte? Umbria?) And somewhere in there, we'll stop in Switzerland and visit a few friends.  (Guess I better try some Chasselas soon.)

So, wine-loving, world-traveling Snoothers, throw some ideas my way.  Where to eat, stop for wine, cities you would see more or less on that route.  Keep in mind that we will try very hard to NOT have a car, using trains and walking as much as possible. Pretty broad mandate, but ask questions and I can narrow a few things down. 

One thing I am strongly considering is ambling through the Loire--I know, kind of touristy--so recos on places to stay and ways to get around (probably not bicycles unless it's really short each day) are especially welcome.

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Reply by Anna Savino, Jul 11, 2012.

We enjoyed this casual place behind Sacre Couere (if you find yourselves there) it is right behind it and near the oldest vineyards within the city in Montmartre. Be prepared to wait though:)

Au Relais ( 48Rue Lamarck



Coutume Cafè (47 rue de Babylone)


enjoy the rest of your trip!

Reply by Richard Foxall, Jul 21, 2012.

We were in the 14th, way across town.  Great access to the Metro (Denfert-Rochereau) but Sacre Couer was no more than a rumor.  Anyway, we were going to go to Frenchie's Bar Au Vin (see David Lebowitz's review), so we were on the edge of the 2nd when we discovered it was closed and found this amazing restaurant.  I might post about it, but it's so small and so French (we were the only non-native speakers there) that I want to ask the owner first. 

Thanks to all for the help.

Reply by Calamus, Jul 25, 2012.

Hi there!

I love to travel so I couldn't help but nose my way to your post. I just returned from a short trip to South of France, Bordeaux, Wales, and Southern England. Your vacation sounds awesome! 

In Italy there is a great midd-way point between Turino and Milan. Pavone is a great town with a castle, Castello di Pavone,  if you want to a few nights somewhere special. Here is a photo of stephanotis and vines growing inside the castle. On one side of the town you have a view of the Alps and the other side is vines. They make excellent food here and the service is wonderful. 

If you are in the Bordeaux region, check out Saint. Emilion. What a town! I was there for five days but I feel I could have spent so much longer. The entire town and its 200kms of caves are UNESCO protected. Very cool!

It sounds like you are already well under way so have fun!


Reply by Richard Foxall, Jul 25, 2012.

Yes, we're back and tonight I am going to Napa for dinner with outthere and JonDerry.  It was quite a trip--and I can't even find a listing or email for the restaurant I loved so much in Paris, so I think I will be respecting their anonymity.

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