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Est Est Est

Posted by Philip James, May 23, 2007.

Mark and I were cleaning up wine regions the other day and came across a region called: Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone - gets my vote for best place name ever!

The origin of the name is an interesting story itself: In the year 1000, the cupbearer of Bishop Johan Defuk, of the Roman Empire, followed an expedition that marched on the town of Montefiascone. Martin, the cupbearer, walked one day ahead of the Bishop and was tasked with finding the inns with the best wines. The signal that an inn was worthy of the Bishop was the word "Est", which was chalked on the inns door.

After tasting the wines of Montefiascone, Martin felt that the standard signal didn't convey the quality of the wines and so he wrote "Est! Est!! Est!!!", exclamation points and all. In fact the prelate was so enamored with the wines that he stayed in the town for three days, and then once his mission was completed, settled and remained there until his death.

I've not tried these wines myself but click here to see the few that we have available.


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