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Snooth User: Adam Levin Recipes Enhanced by Wine Pairings from Snooth

Posted by Adam Levin, Jul 15, 2009.

Wine Recommendations Chosen Based on Ingredients, Cuisine, and Cooking Method

NEW YORK, NY (July 15, 2009) -, the most award-winning food site, has partnered with, a global hub for wine aficionados, to provide curated wine pairings for the site’s over 25,000 editor-tested recipes. Starting today, when users view Epicurious's recipes (with the exception of kid-friendly and breakfast recipes), they will also see multiple wine suggestions for that recipe.

The pairings are chosen based on the recipe’s primary ingredients, type of cuisine, and preparation method. The Epicurious and Snooth teams worked together to emphasize affordability and availability; nearly all pairings feature nationally distributed brands and/or wines that cost less than $20.

When users click on a wine pairing, they will be provided with a description of the wine, alongside additional information on the winery, winemaker, region, and varietal. They will also be able to compare prices from various online retailers and can buy recommended wines by clicking through to the retailer. The vast majority of wines suggested for pairings feature label photos. Many include ratings and reviews from major wine magazines and Snooth users.

“Epicurious users are incredibly passionate about cooking, and they want to know the perfect wine to pair with each culinary masterpiece,” according to Tanya Wenman Steel, editor in chief of “Snooth has millions of wine reviews for hundreds of thousands of wines, and that depth of knowledge makes them the ideal partner to recommend the perfect wines to match our recipes.”

“We’re trying to democratize the wine experience and make finding good wine easier,” said Snooth CEO Philip James. “Now everyone has access to a wide range of Epicurious recipes as well as a top-tier sommelier with the click of button.”

Advertising partners will have the opportunity to integrate into the wine pairing widget where they will be showcased in the “Featured Partner.”  The Featured Partner wine will always be an appropriate choice for the recipe selected.  Consumers will then have the option of learning more and/or purchasing this Featured Partner wine. is a Condé Nast Digital site. Condé Nast Digital is the leading creator and developer of upscale lifestyle and business brands online.

About, a Condé Nast Digital site, is a premier award-winning food Web site, which incorporates more than 25,000 professionally tested recipes from the premier brands in food journalism, Gourmet and Bon Appétit, plus web-exclusive recipes from renowned cookbooks and chefs. In addition, there are 75,000 member-submitted recipes, and web-exclusive original content from editors and leading food authorities around the world. Epicurious offers a wealth of articles and tips focused on cooking, entertaining, wine, cocktails, and shopping.

About Snooth
Snooth is the world’s largest wine site with over 500,000 monthly users. Launched in June 2007, Snooth is a free, highly interactive, social database of the world’s wines, offering both casual and expert wine drinkers the ability to search, obtain personalized recommendations, interact with fellow wine lovers, as well as seamlessly buy from a global network of over 11,000 merchants. Snooth’s massive database of 1 million wines and 2 million reviews, powers many third-party wine applications and functions as a central repository of wine data. Snooth is available on-the-go using its iPhone application.


Blog comment by Franschhoek Wine, Aug 18, 2009.

Wow the 1st time I hear about Snooth. You learn something new everyday hey. Thanx, will go check it out

Reply by ChipDWood, Aug 18, 2009.

It's far more than their recipes- check out their wine dictionary sometime.

It helped me get a much better handle on terms that I didn't understand.

Blog comment by Denise, Aug 20, 2009.

Snooth is and excellent addition to Epicurious. I am always looking for wine suggestions for food that I am preparing. Thanks.

Reply by Philip James, Aug 21, 2009.

Thanks Denise. Yesterday we announced that Snooth wine pairings are also on the myRecipes recipes.

Reply by Philip James, Sep 15, 2009.

You can see on the right hand side of any recipe, for example this one on myRecipes:

There's a module called "wine pairings".


Reply by dmcker, Nov 3, 2009.

You've recently added a thumbs up/thumbs down voting option for recipe pairings with particular wines, which is a step forward. Suggest more is needed, though.

Today I've looked at an Au Bon Climat pinot noir , and a couple of Barolos. I voted thumbs down on one of the pinot pairings (because a Buffalo sauced salmon is too hotspicy for that, and most, pinots), and wanted to on the too-similar pairings for both Barolos (because both listings only showed polenta/grits with the wine) but didn't. If you're going to be collating feedback and looking for an intelligent way to further tweek your algorithms, you should probably facilitate comments from viewers/users that explain why the thumbs up or down...

Reply by Philip James, Nov 3, 2009.

DM - yes the thumbs up/down is our start of collecting data so we can go back, analyze the results and refine the pairings going forward. Hadn't thought about allowing users to comment as to why a pairing didnt match - I was just going to dump the data on Greg's lap and assume he could figure out the rationale behind each of them.

the issue with user comments, is that if we end up with 10,000 it will take a long time to read through and sort them into categories

Reply by dmcker, Nov 3, 2009.

I understand about the load that filtering those comments might entail, and certainly don't want to suggest further additions to what I imagine to be Greg's already very full plate. However, unless you can know the whys and hows, I can't imagine you'll get as much out of whatever yes/no, good/bad, thumbsup/thumbsdown feedback you do receive as you might.

Perhaps a 'trial' period for comments about the pairings? Once you're able to further tweak the algorithm, and if dealing with the comments has become an unbearable load, you can always remove the functionality. Though I think other potential pairing users might have a lot to gain from seeing the comments, too.

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