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Posted by Stephen Harvey, Apr 18, 2011.

Given Easter is almost upon us I thought I would ask how my fellow Snooth Colleagues spend Easter

In Australia we traditionally have a four day break with Good Friday and Easter Monday.  This year we have an extra day as Monday 25th April is Anzac Day which celebrates the landing of the Anzac forces at Gallipoli Cove in Turkey on 25 April 1915 during WW1. SO Tuesday 26th is also a public holiday

We celebrate Good Friday with a red meat free barbeque at a local park with family and friends.  Some nice seafood and a hit of Tennis.  A couple of low alcohol beers for me as I usually drive to our place at Middleton on the coast about 90km south of Adelaide.

Saturday is off to the races at Oakbank in the Adelaide Hills.  Oakbank is a traditional two day picnic carnival attracting about 50,000 people on Saturday and 60,000 on Monday.  The centrepoint of the racing is the Hurdle and Steeplechase races.

Saturday night is usually a relaxing meal with friends and lots of very nice wine.  Sunday is Golf followed by a long late slow lunch

Monday is up early for breakfast at the races, bacon eggs mushrooms and tomatoes.  The early morning tea and coffe is folowed by either a cold beer or champagne beofre heading into the ring for a punt.

This year we have the bonus day and my wife and I are heading to the Barossa Valley for the day.  Lee is attending a cooking class run by Stefano de Pieri (TV star and celeb chef) and then a long lunch and I am heading to the Yalumba Museum tasting followed by lunch at their Restaurant - Vintners.

Yalumba showcase some of their old wines [including rieslings going back to the 1940's and a selection of their import portfolio.  They have Guigal, Faiveley, Gaja and Pol Roger amongst their portfolio.  Should be a great day



Reply by StevenBabb, Apr 18, 2011.

wow... makes my weekend sound very boring : )

i'm working from today till saturday... found out yesterday that my grandmother is going away for the holiday... and so now i'll be spending the entire day sunday with my girlfriends family, which is going to be great food, and nice time spent with her family.... but NO MUSEUM TASTINGS ON THE HORIZON  : )

Reply by Stephen Harvey, Apr 18, 2011.

Steve I am sure in your line of work they come around

Hope you have good day with your girlfriends family - it was my girlfriends [now my wifes] family which introduced me to the habit of the picnic races at Easter

Reply by Girl Drink Drunk, Apr 18, 2011.

We couldn't decide which set of grandparents would get to see the baby on Easter, so we're hosting.  Saturday will be spent cooking, and Easter will be full of family, fun and food.  Hopefully it's warm enough for Eva to wear her fancy Easter dress.

Mommy will be knocking back her first post-baby Manhattan, if all goes well.  Thank goodness for pump and dump!

Reply by spikedc, Apr 18, 2011.


Four day break here as well, Friday meat free barbecue at home with family, Saturday also going Horse Racing at Sandown park, Sunday Church then cooking Roast lamb for inlaws and a bottle or two. Monday Chill out.

Weather looking good for weekend 20-23C and Sunny

Reply by dmcker, Apr 18, 2011.

Strange how Easter, for all its religious significance, does appear to have evolved from a celebration of spring's arrival, as evidenced even by the comments here.

Perhaps needless to say not a huge holiday in Japan. Buddhist holiday on the vernal equinox, and cherry blossoms are functionally over now in Tokyo. I'm heading to the hills this Sunday for a hike with my daughters in the mountain cherry trees. Boxed hybrid Japanese style lunch with a Vouvray and a Super Tuscan along.

A little different from the morning church followed by large family dinner at around 2pm that I grew up with....

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