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Drinking Outside

Posted by Adam Levin, Sep 4, 2008.

It's after Labor Day, so students are back in school, adults are back from summer vacations, fashionistas have changed their color scheme, airline prices should have gone down but probably did not, and weather change is coming. Maybe this change of the weather is delayed or not as drastic in certain parts of the country (California, I'm looking in your direction) but there is something different about the coming months vs. the previous few. So, my professional recommendation is to go drink outdoors. I'm not advocating public lewdness or anything obscene, but go drink a nice glass of wine in the park or go find a nice wine bar with outdoor seating.

I was just in Chicago and had the opportunity to do just this. It was a wonderful and relaxing experience, sitting in the shade on a warm day with a little bit of wind, staring out at the passing traffic. The wine bar, La Madia , had very comfortable seats, was not too crowded in the early afternoon, and luckily had a great wine list. I had the opportunity to taste a very nice sparkling wine from New Mexico by a producer named Gruet and a really serious but still fun to drink rose named Lucy , among others. These wines, some great company, and the beautiful weather will stick with me as the weather changes and opportunities like this disappear until next year.

I don't mean to be depressing; I just want everyone to take advantage of the nice weather before it goes away by finding a good wine and pairing it with the nice weather. The weekend is coming up, so make some time to enjoy it outdoors with wine.

I have to give credit for the inspiration for this post to a discussion thread on the Snooth Forum .


Reply by oceank8, Sep 5, 2008.

Great reminder. I spend a lot of time outside (guess that's my reward for living in your above mentioned California). I have already made plans to have my family over on Sunday where we will spend the day eating and drinking in the backyard. Lets all toast to the end of summer!

Blog comment by Herbert, Sep 20, 2008.

cheap family vacations...

Helpful to the masses! Hail Mary Mother of Jesus....

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