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Drink Greg's Wine October 20th 2011

Original post by Gregory Dal Piaz, Sep 26, 2011.

Starting a new thread to help keep track of all this.

So we're going to drink some wine, in NYC.

I spent Saturday inventorying part of the cellar and picked up some nice bottles for sharing. I'm looking forward to diving into a nice chunck of wines so the more the merries here, to a point.

So far it seems we have




Let's so who else is interested in joining us!



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Reply by Richard Foxall, Oct 24, 2011.

Okay, I'm going to check the forums and post my notes.  This was a blast, and now that I am back home, I have a real computer (not that Android--good, but kind of limited for longer messages) and am ready to go. Look for a new thread!

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Oct 26, 2011.

Besides the webcast fail it was a great evening. I'm glad we pulled this together. My notes will go up soon, one day this week, but from memory I would have to say that the 9 Prunotto Cannubi was my wine of the night!

Reply by Richard Foxall, Oct 26, 2011.

Arrrgh.  I seem to have misplaced my notes.  I can remember almost all the wines, but GdP, if you could send me a note with the list, I'll get that thread started.  Absolutely a great evening, really fun to see everyone in the flesh.  Two good things about the webcast fail:  dmcker didn't get to hear me blab his real name! And GregT won't have strangers walking up and calling him by the nickname GdP bestowed upon him.

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Oct 26, 2011.

Our finale line-up!

2009 Gilbert Picq Chablis

1983 Bordeaux: Haut Bages Liberal and Cos d'Estournel

2000 Pape Clement

1996 Burgundy: Domaine de Chorey, Les Teurons and Les Cras

1997 Super Tuscan: Guado al Tasso and Prunaio

1998 Hermitage: Jaboulet La Chapelle and Chapoutier La Sizeranne

1989 Barolo: Prunotto Cannubi and Bussia

2001 Germany Riesling: JJ Christofel Urziger Wurzgarten Spatlese, Edener Treppchen Auslese**

1993 Chateau Pajzos Tokaji Esszencia

Reply by JonDerry, Oct 28, 2011.

The Prunotto Cannubi was interesting, had never had a wine with that kind of profile. I was pretty well on my way at that point, but my notes were smoke & sulphur nose, rich red fruit, gun powder, and white soil palate.

The Viticcio Prunaio was also a crowd favorite. Good freshness, and well balanced overall.

Also really liked the red bordeaux flight...overall preferred the younger pape clement, but the nose on the Cos was something else.

Reply by dmcker, Oct 28, 2011.

Any tasting notes? Am interested how the group found those wines, including the '98 La Chapelle, but also all the others....

Reply by JonDerry, Oct 28, 2011.

I didn't wind up taking many, but i'm looking forward to reading what Fox and GDP had to say. Not sure if GT took any himself.

The La Chappelle was nice, but it didn't get many honorable mentions from the group.  I rated it 87 points. 

Reply by MReff, Oct 28, 2011.

Here are my notes from that evening

2010 Valdemar Temp, Blanco rather fresh with mild acidic tones, but fell short on the finish and for the price the Spaniards are going to have a tough time marketing this wine

Bordeaux flight:  The Cos had that nice cigar box herbaceous nose however the thinness of the fruit and then an all together fading after some time did not win me over.  The Haut Bages was however opulent and ample fruit and was still somewhat fresh after an hour.

Burgundy: The Les Teurons had ample fruit and supple tannins while the Les Cras had more fruit and was higly acidic.

Tuscans:  Both were explosive with fruit however the Tasso won me over rather than the Viticcio Prunaio which gave way to a rasiny pruny shoe leather taste.

Hermitage: since the Chapoutier was corked, the La Chapelle had nice fruit and was well balanced.

Barolo: The Cannubi was my WOTN, and was more austere than the Bussia

The rest of the wines were two Rieslings which were pleasant and the 1993 Tokaji was a very syrupy, caramel treat.  Now I am sure Greg T will give me grief for whatever I wrote but I paid the price for this great evening since I slept passed my metro north stop and wound up hoofing it back to my car at 1am in the morning.

Reply by Lucha Vino, Oct 28, 2011.

When is the West Coast edition going to happen?!  Sounds like a great time, so jealous.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Oct 31, 2011.

I  somehow lost my notes on the trip home.  But I have clear memories. 

I thought the white Tempranillo was blah.  Just nothing I liked in it.  A novelty. 

The Bords:  The Cos killed with the nose, MReff has that right.  I didn't get so much opulence from the Haut Bages, and I thought the Cos, though a bit dried out, was still nice, if a little lighter in mouthweight.  Really old school.  The Pape Clement tasted younger, to be sure, and I initially identified it as majority cab in my notes, based on the notes.  It had no herbaceousness at all, but wasn't huge as wines from ripe grapes are in more recent vintages.  GdP thought it was right bank, but that is the influence of 40% merlot and consultant Michel Rolland, king of merlot a la Californie. 

JonDery provided the Pape Clement and one other ringer, the Chablis, which was stony and a little citrusy, but not otherwise too notable.  Pleasant, but I have a hard time getting excited about white wine unless it is bone dry Loire SB or Chenin, or rich white Rhone, or over the top grapefruity stuff.  Which is just me. Anyway, thanks to JD for the blind tastes.

The burgundy flight:  Too bad we didn't get the sound working.  I said, It's nice red wine, but it doesn't speak of pinot noir to me.  It lacked the fresh currants, cola, and crazy aromatics that I like, but my reference points are Sonoma Coast, Oregon, Santa Lucia Highlands, and Carneros.  I thought they both were examples of wine making more than the fruit's typicity.  GregT said, I love when someone comes with totally different reference points.  I admit, I've had Burgundies, but I haven't found them to have an identifiable style, and I think the system of classification and the parceling up of the sites (unless you can afford DRC monopole) has made it hard for me to mentally catalog the wines. It was fine, but it just didn't float my boat. I agree with MReff's characterization of the wines, but the differences were not huge.  I thought the winemaking dominated the terroir, from what I could tell.

The Tuscans:  To me the Tasso was non-descript, just because it tasted like international grapes and the kind of wine that expects to gain a place in the world-travelers market, like the kind of restaurant my brother in law the doctor favors when he goes to conventions, or generic business luxury hotels. Today it may be the W, a few years back it was the JW Marriott, but the underlying value is predictability, not character.  I disagree about the prunaio, which I really liked, my WOTN.  One thing that I noticed, because I went back to it, is how it developed over the evening.  Leather, yeah, but nothing of shoes.  More depth than usual sangio based wine, but still had the kernel of cherry fruit. (I also went back to the Cos, and I think it improved, which points out the problems with tastings--the wine you drink now is not the wine you drink in an hour or two.  VelloVino makes that explicit in the Luchavino blog he does.)

The Chappelle was nice, but just didn't have the Syrah typicity--a noticeable backbone of what I can only call hardness--that I love in N. Rhone Syrah.  I was asked what Syrahs I like in California during this round, and offered as one example Maclaren's product that he makes with Unti grapes at the Talty winery.  I should have added that I have enjoyed Lafond's SRH bottlings, a steal at $20 or so, and almost anything from Copain, also reasonably priced. The Chappelle had the savory notes, a little floral aroma, not a lot of pepper.  Solid, but it's Hermitage, so you want to be wowed.

The Barolos were much more distinctive than the Hermitage round--but I should have expected that.  My first reaction to the Cannubi was that it could use another decade. This was austere, to say the least.  The bussia was maybe even more so.  I think I needed to pair this with richer food. Both are wines I would like to revisit at lengthy intervals.  The structure to last is there.  Improving is another question that only time can answer.

The spatlese was okay, but sweeter rieslings continue to elude me.  The auslese just isn't something I should talk about--I'm missing the gene for it somehow. 

But the tokaji was a revelation.  It's sweet as all get-out, but not cloying.  IF this is what it means to have acid in balance with sweetness, I might finally get it.  You didn't notice the acid, either, just the absence of that back of the throat, weighty sweetness that turns me off.  It wasn't wine, really, but a nectar, a dessert, and an experience I would like to return to, but I think I would take in measured doses.  I could just feel the diabetes coming on!

At the end of the evening, I thanked one and all for a great time, but GdP (who I planted myself next to for the evening) deserves the greatest praise for providing an amazing selection of wines, and putting us in a room together. 

Now to figure out how to do a similar West Coast event.  It's going to take more than my cellar, to be sure, but we might have some willing co-hosts...

Reply by JonDerry, Nov 1, 2011.

Great breakdwon was great to get everyone together and taste such a wide variety of wines and discuss more than anything. I probably enjoyed the Bords the most, since I had more of a reference point. As for the Barolo's, I had very little background, and surely didn't fully appreciate them as both Gregs did.

Thought it was cool that Tocaji made an appearance, and how a few in the group hadn't really tried much of it, or any at all before. It was a pretty extreme and syrupy example however, so i'd recommend trying more so as to try lighter and more acidic versions also.

Reply by dmcker, Nov 1, 2011.

Good notes by MReff, Fox and Jon. Thanks. I know GregT doesn't do notes, but would be nice to see something from GregDP.

Again, sounds like a good time had by all. Would be nice to make such an event someday, but still no plans for NYC or even the BayArea....

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Nov 1, 2011.

I will get my notes together tomorrow or so, very behind in that department in general.

As to a west coast version, I could certainly be in, and with wine to boot!

Reply by GregT, Nov 2, 2011.

D - I actually took notes but have no idea where they might be.  Anyhow, it was fun to see the guys and gals from different places.  Nice that everyone was able to make it in and Manny - thanks loads for the sandwiches.  Big thanks to Greg for providing all those wines! If I find my notes in the near future I'll stick them up here but I think I had them in my magazine and when I was done reading it, I tossed it.  Had to have had them still inside because I can't find them anywhere. 

Fox and Jon - good to meet you guys.  Fox and I tasted some wines earlier, too bad you couldn't join us.  And more too bad was the fact that you had to leave so early. Stick around longer next time.  

MReff - good to see you after all this time.  The missed stop sucks - I've done it before too, but at least I was in civilization and not out in the boonies.

BTW Jon - that Tokaji was NOT a typical example of what built the reputation of the region.  Don't want to get into it now, but in the past, they'd take that syrup and put it back into the wines.  Today, a few people bottle it and that's mostly because the American audience is fascinated by it and is interested in heirarchies, so they accept that more sugar = better, just like Cab is "better" than Merlot, etc.  But it's a curiosity more than anything.  Awesome that Greg opened it, but remember it's a one-time thing.  Nobody in Hungary really seeks it out because they recognize that the brilliance of the wine isn't simply the sweetness.  That one is akin to a PX sherry - interesting, but rarely profound.  Actually that particular "wine" is an historical anomaly and it's not likely to be repeated ever again, so it's really worth noting somewhere that you had the 1993 Pajzos. 


Reply by dmcker, Nov 25, 2011.

OK, maybe timestamp issues, since Greg's post is now showing as '7 hours ago' on the landing page?

And Greg, did you ever uncover those notes?

Reply by amour, Mar 8, 2013.

I am hoping to get OPULENCE GALORE in my HAUT BAGES LIBERAL (Pauillac) tonight!!!!

Will return!  CHEERS!

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