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Does unopened Cinzano various varieties go bad?

Posted by Hany, Jan 3, 2013.

I recently opened a box left in storage by my deceased father.  It has various varieties of unopened bottles of Cinzano which have been there for about 30 years?  Are these good to use?


Reply by EMark, Jan 3, 2013.

Hany, I sure hope somebody jumps in here and gives a little discourse on Vermouth.  I know very little.  My short and dirty answer, which my sound sarcastic but is, in fact, sincere, is to open up a bottle and try it.  In the final analysis what it tastes like to you is what really matters.  Even if you did not care for the taste in a glass, you could still use it in cooking.

My only experience with Vermouth, other than the three or four martinis that I have had in my entire life, was at a great little Italian restaurant in Playa Del Rey, California.  The owner would always serve sweet vermouth--and there is a better than even chance that it was Cinzano--as a digestivo after any meal.

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