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Differentiating yourself

Posted by Philip James, Apr 21, 2008.

Every site, company and business is constantly trying to differentiate itself, to stand out from the crowd and to build sufficient credibility with you, the consumer, so that they hold your attention. Then, over time, they hope to earn the right to build trust and credibility with you. If they manage to do that it becomes easy (well easier). In many businesses the cost of bringing you to the point of making that first sale is so great that companies lose money on the initial transaction. The company then hopes to make it up over time, via subscriptions, add ons and other optional extras, or just through plain old repeat purchases.

This isn't about Snooth, but about wine retailers. Every day a store or winery asks me how they can build their online presence (I'll actually address this in a future post), but I'm equally impressed when a store builds it the old fashioned way - offline.

Which brings me to NY Wine Co . I was invited to one of their wine tasting dinners last week. It was a night of Spanish food and wine (witness table crowded with wine glasses below).

The food was excellent and the wine's original and artfully paired, but what really caught my attention was the relationship with the store's staff and the guests; the atmosphere of the whole event. Everyone was so at ease, relaxed and comfortable, it was as if the people were having a dinner party in their own homes. Clearly, to many of the people, this was not their first time here.

In the heart of Manhattan, they'd somehow managed to create a micro neighborhood community. And thats something I've never seen before in this city. To the guests that night, NY Wine Co had done more than differentiate themselves, they had made themselves unique. And that might be the most powerful marketing message of all.


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