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Did anyone go to Texas Grapefest?

Posted by Francotimeo, Sep 20, 2010.

it's officially over and the winners were announced yesterday in the largest (266,000 attendees) people's choice competition in the southwest. Why should you care? Two words....Super Bowl!! Well, that and the fact that the 5th largest USA wine producer is absorbing Californians at an amazing rate. They have to drink something when they move here. I can officially no longer afford to live in Austin! Anyway, over 100 wineries now pour and ship from here. At Grapefest there were about 32 wineries pouring over 100 wines. The better ones were viogner, blanc du bois, merlot, sangiovese, and tempranillo. Many are also blending some great proprietary reds. I got to taste about 40 or so reds and 2 whites in the allotted 90 minute time slot. My favorites were Calais tempranillo and Red Caboose Lenoir blend. This would be a great event to add to your calendar next year.


Reply by longhorndkr, Sep 20, 2010.

Good info--and thanks for the recommendations!

Reply by vickysbeads, Oct 10, 2012.

We actually had 40 wineries with 146 wines you could try to taste.  Glad you enjoyed it.

If you don't like crowds and like to take your time talking to the vintner's, come to either session on Thursday, the 1st session on Friday or either session on Sunday.

Texas now has approximately 255 wineries.  Some large enough to ship outside the state, but mostly small, family owned wineries.

See you next year, Sep 12-15, 2013.

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