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Denied Shipment To Georgia

Posted by rldawson, Jun 7, 2013.

Hi Folks,

       I need some education here. I live in Georgia and receive regular shipments from wine clubs in Kentucky, North Carolina and Virginia.

Very often when I go to a new site to purchase wine that I would like to try and cannot find locally I am told "We cannot ship to Georgia due to legal constraints."

Some of these sites I have been able to talk to over a phone line to find out that they can indeed ship to GA, it's just that they use a third party shipper who for what ever reason doesn't. They ship to me directly not using their third party shipper and all is good.

Yesterday I received an invitation to a "Personalized Wine Club". Once again when I try to enlist in this new thing I am told "We don't ship to Georgia due to legal concerns."

The first thing I would like to know is, what is the phone number I can call to talk with a live human being to try and sort this out.

The second thing I would like to know is, What are these so called "legal concerns?"


Richard L. Dawson

Database Administrator/Data Architect and all around IT Wizard.

Wine Lover.



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