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Data, data...everywhere

Posted by Philip James, Jun 13, 2007.

Between the meetings, contracts and discussions we've been working on these last few days we've rustled up an additional 175,000 wine scores and about 45,000 text reviews. The data is currently being standardized for loading into the database, but this should happen within the next week. 175,000 ratings does sound like a lot, but with over 300,000 wines its only an additional 0.5 ratings per wine.

Still, you won't hear me complaining - this will push us well past 1.5 million ratings, and, more importantly, this is how the pyramids were built; 1 brick at a time.

This is why everyone here at Snooth is forced 'encouraged' to review not just every wine they taste, but to extract reviews from their dinner companions at the same time. Your inputs are vital here too - not just for the total number of reviews, but, as the system slowly discovers more about your personal tastes, your recommendations will improve. The virtual 'fingerprint' that you leave on the site is what helps us determine what kind of wines you might enjoy next.

So, have at it! Rate and review the wines you like/hate or are neutral on. Tell us what you think about the site. Blog about us - good or bad. We want and need the data. Without it we're lost.


Reply by amour, Jan 15, 2010.

Reviews from dinner companions....what a brilliant idea!

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