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COVID-19 Health Check-In

Posted by zufrieden, Mar 21.

Although this site shows signs of being on its last legs as a discussion forum, those of us who have been friends for over a decade should nonetheless stay in touch.  Given that the situation today is one of somewhat (though by no means totally) justified hysteria over another outbreak of Corona Virus (SARS was the first and, at the time, most important), you may wish to check in and let everyone know how you and your other friends and relatives are faring.   My family is so far doing well - although my youngest brother and his wife were exposed recently and are in self-maintained quarantine.

Let us know how you are doing - wherever you are in the world - and, by all means, express your frustrations, concerns and how you are keeping up the supply of grog.

Finally, a reading suggestion:  A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe (of Robinson Crusoe fame) published in 1722 and based on recollections of the London Plague of 1665 ( a year prior to the Great Fire which destroyed, inter alia, the original St. Paul's Cathedral).

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Reply by dvogler, Mar 21.


Terri and I are physically okay, but she's been off work for a week (dental office closed indefinitely) and I'm now laid off for a while as well.  We have more work than we can handle, but are having trouble with suppliers.  I'd say let's have a bottle, but as you know, our Provincial Health authority is advising against socializing.  Or is four people still okay?

I may try reading Finnegan's Wake.

Reply by duncan 906, Mar 22.

I have had a very boring weekend here in London. All the pubs,restaurants and concert venues are closed but that is the only way to stop the spread of this disease. I went to a wine shop in Walthamstow [] this afternoon where the American lady who runs the place was telling people not to touch any bottles.She was also refusing to take cash and insisted on credit card. I have watched several videos on Youtube about the 'Spanish'flu of 100 years ago [which actually started in Kansas of all places] However in spite of everything I am OK

Reply by zufrieden, Mar 23.

To DV: Good luck with Finnegan's Wake.  I never tried to read it through... but you could try the poor man's Joyce (Ulysses) which I love.  Glad to see you are both OK, all is fine here.  I would have loved to meet for that Bordelais tasting, but maybe distance (in time) will make the heart grow all the fonder.  Let's hope.

To Duncan: Don't fixate too much on past plagues.  The current situation would probably supply you more with a dose (no pun intended) of what we should all have known about our leadership.  I think we now recognize that the know-nothings in power - who care nothing for you - have been shown to be emperors without clothes. 

We have also learned what might happen in a "true" crisis - such as a war, earthquake, or other such disaster.  This is not a real-life dramatization of The Andromeda Strain or Pandemic - only its grey penumbra.  We forget the annual epidemics of Asia-provenance plagues which kill millions and cost the economy untold billions every year - yet, did we close anything down then

I have not checked this morning, but at last look, there are 7.72 billion humans and 350,000 cases of COVID-19 (most verified by testing and symptomatic diagnoses, something not done since SARS).  More to the point: the failure to close the financial markets (but everything else except hospitals and grocers, or, and liquor outlets, of course) should be sufficient evidence for everyone to know just where our gods reside, and from whence could come the Twilight of the Idols (Götterdämmerung)...

Stay safe and wash the bottles before opening them.

Reply by jackwerickson, Mar 23.

My wife and I are staying in,actually mandated in Dallas, we hit most of the alerts for the virus age,heart,and COPD. Did spend yesterday doing inventory of my wine, now I know factually what I have. I am trying to taste 3 different bottles a day,making use of the Coravin. Everyone stay healthy.        

Reply by dvogler, Mar 23.

Thanks for checking in Duncan and Jack.  You guys be careful!

Reply by zufrieden, Mar 25.

Take care, Jack.  I appreciate you checking in because we are all friends here.  With luck (generally in spite of our leadership... I don't want to linger on negativeist philosophy, because we need optimism now, but remember those Republican Senators who used insider information to sell stock before the fall in world markets began around February 20-24.  What consummate assholes.  Sorry, I could not hold back on that one.

Anyway, when this is over, I plan to take a long tour of the USA - sort of a last one - like the tours of the Civil War battlefields by Ambrose Bierce just before he disappeared into the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920.


Reply by jackwerickson, Mar 26.

Zuf agree with you 100% please do not forget one of the assholes was Dianne Feinstein a high ranking Democrat, unfortunately we have elected leaders that have for years have used insider information,I think it was only a couple of years ago that congress even looked at it and theoretically banned it,it is amazing how many elected officials we have that never worked,outside of government, that became millionaires. Senator Kennedy from Louisiana made a statement the other day “the brain starts developing in the womb and stops when elected to office “

Reply by vin0vin0, Mar 26.

Just thought I'd take a quick glance at the Forum for any signs of life, glad to hear you all are safe and sound (or at least safe).

The CFO and I are fine, she's working from home and as for me the golf course is still open.

We got our shelter in place mandate on Tuesday effective today. Hit the grocery early this morning, produce and meat departments are pretty much bare.  Picked up some asparagus, a couple t-bones and some pork ribs but no seafood and no chicken (which were the things that were actually on my list).

Z, when you get to touring the US, please plan on hitting the Carolinas, plenty of Civil War battlefields here and more importantly, a decent supply of good vino in my cellar.

Take care everyone, hopefully we'll all come out the other side unscathed.

Reply by zufrieden, Mar 27.

Very generous offer VV, which I hope someday to take up.  As for the remark concerning politicians, yes, the Donkey Party contingent (with Feinstein in the lead, apparently) has little or no higher ground than members of the GOP - the elephant that never remembers.

Take care now.


Reply by EMark, Mar 27.

I apologize for not dropping by occasionally. 

And thanks for the "Snooth Forum Beta" tip.  I can't believe how well that worked.

We are doing well in SoCal.  We have really been trying to stay in place here in the Diamond Bar Adobe.  I will dash out, tomorrow to restock my bagel supply.  The neatest bakery/coffee roastery opened locally last summer.  It is a family-operated business, and I truly hope they can hold on.  The bagels are absolutely amazing.  Of course, their other breads and pastries are equally good.  Peggy insists that their carrot cake is the absolute best she has ever had--and Peggy's opinion on topics like cake is not to be scoffed at.

Since we really don't have a real good idea of how long this is going to go, I am making sure that we do not run out of fermented grape juice.  Here is today's delivery in quarantine in my garage.

The three stacked boxes were delivered by FedEx, today.  The yellow arrow is pointing to a bag with six bottles of Chardonnay that Peggy ordered from a grocery delivery service.

Reply by duncan 906, Mar 28.

At least this has become a topic on the forum that people are actually responding to. I was begining to think that this forum had somehow died E.Mark Nice to hear about your local bakery but I reckon that Edwards Bakery in Willesden North London would give them a run for their money

Reply by EMark, Mar 29.

I reckon that Edwards Bakery in Willesden North London would give them a run for their money



No bet, Duncan, but I'm happy to have what I have.  I actually ventured out, yesterday, and restocked my domestic bagel supply.  I saw they had some loaves that had just come out of the oven.  So, I also took one of them.  Still warm from the oven.


Reply by GregT, Mar 30.

So are you all washing your groceries when you get them into the house?

I went out looking for flour. Then I did it again. Then I did it again. It seems that flour is harder to come by than toilet paper. And toilet paper isn't even really a necessity - ever see a dog wipe its ass on the grass? But flour is a necessity for our existence.

I finally found some so we're good. Five different types of flour, all wheats though. Been playing around with different types of breads and of course, pizza, which we do anyway. And noodles. Made ramen the other day that was passable. Nothing that would get raves but fun just for having been made right here. Two days to cook down the broth, another day to make the chashu. And good luck finding a pig belly. The only places that have them are the Asian stores and those are packed with people. Or rather, lined with people Nobody who shops there buys one or two things. Instead, everyone fills their basket and then a hundred of them line up around the store.

Serendipitously we had 11 cases of wine delivered a couple weeks ago. The storage place is closed for now (will they charge me since I don't have access?) so we only have those cases, whatever's in the wine fridge, and the extra ten or twelve cases lying around that we haven't put away anywhere. I figure that gets us maybe thirty days. After that I don't know what we'll do.

And they closed down the park where I go running. Apparently people weren't sufficiently distant socially. I was but the guys playing soccer apparently didn't get the message.

Politically, we're screwed. I listened to the governor of NY tell the mayor to lock the place down. The mayor was telling people to go on about their business well into March. Then he changed his mind and said that the crisis was the fault of the president. He's one of the dimmer politicos but hasn't quite reached the standard set by the mayor of LA, who came out with a message of hope. He said to look into your hearts for mercy and most of all, for love. If a guy as stupid as he is can be elected mayor of a city the size of Los Angeles, why the hell didn't Marianne Williamson do better in the Dem primaries?

And speaking of those Dems, I pick up the NY Times once in a while. Some writer talking about how she's hurt and angered by the primary results. And Elizabeth Warren talking about how hopes have been dashed. See, the problem is apparently that the women didn't make it.

That's Trump's fault. Why? Simple.

The biggest demographic bloc of voters in the Democratic party is women. Of all races and ages. The only people who get to vote in primaries are members of that party. Logically therefore, women in the Democratic party are horribly sexist. See how that works? Clearly the fault of the Prez, or at least the Republicans. That logic is pretty much a straight line from A to B - as in the pic below:

Sorry about the political comment but I was starting to think that nobody in our government had any brains whatsoever, at any level, and that logic had completely disappeared from the galaxy.

But I have to say, I'm quite happy they dug up a guy like Fauci. And some of the others around him. We have never yet seen the Prez do a complete reversal once he took a position, but we did this week. And credit for that has to go to the good doctor. If anyone gets us through this it's going to be guys like him.

And copious amounts of alcohol.

Glad you all are still kicking! I think I'll go post on another thread I'm in such a good mood!

With this social distancing, I think we're going to have to forego some of those more peaceful moments of sharing:

Reply by jackwerickson, Mar 31.

Great glad to see that you have a sufficient amount of wine to tide you over. I am drinking my,mandated, two glasses a day the only difference is I start ar 9:00 in the morning,I usually get up at 1-2 in the morning age and sleep apenea I am now drinking my good wines not saving them to share with friends. We are doing ok following all the restrictions hopefully we will make through these trouble times everyone please take all precautions and stay safe enjoy reading your comments 

Reply by zufrieden, Mar 31.

Greg, it's great to hear someone who's taken the time to look deeply into the eyes of the present moment.  You have likely voiced the frustrations of many (certainly me) at the general level of incompetence, the poor political and administrative response to perfectly foreseeable events (like COVID-19), and the blatant use of the current "pandemic" to further the aims of incumbent power.

The USA and Canada are very rich countries that should not have people scrounging for toilet paper or flour.  But indeed it is so; and if you are getting older (as we all are) this sequence of events over the last 8-12 weeks is not a pretty indicator of the future.  However, total collapse will not be permitted - that is about all the good news I have to offer.

Jack, hopefully you have children or close friends which can help you through the worst patches to come.  It is tough as we age (regarding sleep issues, I can sympathise from a personal standpoint, even if my circumstances are milder).  Drink up the better wine and live at least a bit more for the moment.  When we were much younger, we could defer, but there is little reason to do so now, and the situation seems to warrant enjoyment of what we have to hand.

Cheers, and great to hear from you all.



Reply by GregT, Apr 2.

As to the toilet paper "crisis" - think about it.

People are at home. So half the trips they'd make to the restroom at work are now made at home. The TP industry makes industrial and home TP. But you can't buy the business stuff at your grocery store. The irony is that there's plenty of TP around, but it's all at the commercial outlets.

Flour is a little different. There's normally not all that much demand for it other than around the Christmas holidays. But with kids at home, people are looking for fun projects like cookies. And other people are using it as a stress reducer. The SF Chronicle and NYT and all the papers have long articles about baking and how soothing it is. So under ordinary circumstances, there shouldn't be any shortage. But the supply chain for most of our groceries is only around seven or eight days and when there's an unprecedented run, the supply houses run out. In some communities it's apparently difficult to find rice, although I can find it locally. The irony is that I went into two Chinese markets and guess what? Lots and lots of flour. Not so much rice. So we have to culturally program our shopping!


Reply by dvogler, Apr 3.

One thing I found is that Whole Foods (Whole Paycheque), has lots of product as well.  There's another local chain here called Red Barn, which is something like Whole Foods, but much smaller and they have local meat products etc., and they too had everything.  I think most people wouldn't think to do their "shopping" at these places mostly because of price.  I know Canada has no shortage of toilet paper whatsoever.  There is a factory in Quebec that makes most of the toilet paper and they said they can make as much as we could possibly hope to use (or hoard).  I know my wife finds it when necessary.  I'm trying not to open my good wine, but I may have to start treating myself.

Reply by zufrieden, Apr 3.

DV, glad to see all is well.  I may call over the weekend, since time will (certainly) permit!

Reply by EMark, Apr 3.

I'm sorry, folks, that I have been absent, lately,

Yes, Greg we have been trying to wipe off our groceries, lately.  Things that do not require refrigeration are quarantined in the garage for, at least, 24 hours.  A delivery of wine from Once & Future just arrived and is now sitting out there.

We are reasonably stocked up on flour, but what Peggy could not find was yeast.  Yesterday, she received a stash from a F/B friend who was a professional colleague of mine 40 years ago. For all I know, you may grow your own, whiich is what I assume Jim does.

Reply by Really Big Al, Apr 4.

Sandra and myself are well here in Northern Virginia.  Every day the big question is what shall we cook for dinner that evening - then we take some type of meat out of the freezer and by lunchtime I'm opening a bottle of wine to enjoy with lunch.  We are sleeping in too, as prior to the closing of the schools in mid-March, Sandra needed to be watching our grandkids at 0615 M-F (most days); now it's almost like we are really retired and sleeping in to 0800 is the new normal.

I have not been posting here on Snooth mostly due to me starting my own wine forum back in February 2018 (two years now).  I miss the virtual tastings on Snooth, but one of our local wineries (Stone Tower Winery) has started their own virtual tastings, using Facebook Live as a platform.  This requires a microphone and a web camera for the host and the the wineries they invite (also other Virginia wineries), but everyone else can chat in the session, much like the Snooth hosting when it was running.  

Anyway, we hope all of you stay safe and keep enjoying your wines.  There are lots of free or reduced shipping offers now, so it's time to stock up as your consumption rates are likely to be increasing.

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