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"Cooked" white wine

Posted by Degrandcru, Dec 22, 2009.

Last week I opened 2 bottles of sparkling wine I bought a while ago directly from the wine maker in Queretaro (La Redonda). I tasted the wine (brut) before and really liked it. Now both bottles I opened had a very strange "fishy" smell and taste to it. It was that bad that the wine wasn´t drinkable.

I remember that it was a hot day when I purchased the bottles and I had them in my car for several hours. I also remember that some time ago I had the same "fishy" taste in a bottle of white wine that has been left for me on a table in a beach apartment (without air condition).

I am very familiar with the taste of "cooked" red wine (jam like cooked fruits). Is a "fishy" taste the result of overexposing white wine to heat???


Reply by GregT, Dec 22, 2009.

Something seems fishy about that wine.

It's made in Querétaro de Arteaga?

Who knew?

The smell of fish is usually due to nitrogen-containing compounds. Not sure exactly what would cause that smell in wine. You need a little nitrogen for fermentation. THen you get some from the yeast cells, especially if you let the wine rest on the lees, which they may do for your wine. But then you do a second fermentation for sparkling wines and sometimes a little nitrogen is added for that, because the first fermentation and clarification removed the initial source of nitrogen.

So maybe . . . ?

That's all speculation and really kind of thinking out loud and grasping at straws. Who knows what would have caused that fishy smell and I've never detected it on cooked wine.

Reply by Degrandcru, Dec 23, 2009.

So you think it had nothing to do with the exposure to high temperature and it happened in the fermentation process.

The winery is La Redonda in the state of Queretaro:
The wine is: Orlandi Espumosa Brut Nature

I think that Freixenet, Mexico makes the wine for them with the grapes of La Redonda, as La Redonda does not have a cava and Freixenet is only a few miles away.

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