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Congratulations to Pontet for the perfect wine.! 100pts. finally.

Posted by William Djubin, Mar 6, 2016.


Reply by William Djubin, Mar 6, 2016.

Not an endorsment for, just a celebration for Pontet. We all knew it would happen.!

Reply by JonDerry, Mar 7, 2016.

They've been getting 100 point Scores for quite a few years now if I recall correctly. Have one of their best, 2010's stashed in my cellar.

Reply by dmcker, Mar 7, 2016.

And then there's the whole discussion about stylistic stance and customizing and lobbying of sorts to specifically get those scores.

I like the older PonCanet better since they weren't highlighted, striving to be highlighted and over popular with the market as they are now. More honest wines, you might say. In the '90s and even into the first half of last decade they were  one of my go-to every day drinkers. Price during that period was 1/5 to 1/10 what it is now.

They haven't gone over to the darkside as badly as Cos or Figeac and many, many others, but still qualify as symptomatic...


Long time no see, William. Trust all is well.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Mar 7, 2016.

Dvogler's prayers are answered.

Reply by dvogler, Mar 7, 2016.

I wanted more flair :)

How are things in Florida William?

Reply by William Djubin, Mar 8, 2016.

Nice weather in Florida sans the wind.. 15 to 20knts. I am awaiting a delivery of Glaetzer Amon-Ra 2012 for my cellar now. Fed-ex needs a 21+ signature. I guess I am grounded for a good reason..!

It's my 1st Glaetzer Barossa shiraz, with Glaetzer Mclaren Vale already in the cellar.

Reply by William Djubin, Mar 10, 2016.

"Tale of the tape".  Pichon also at not a bad price if available. Consider wisely for your cellar. This is the reason for this post.  By Rebecca.


Recently released 2010 scores have resulted in significant trading activity.
By Rebecca Gibb | Posted Tuesday, 09-Apr-2013 ....Bbottled vintages of Château Pape Clément and Pontet-Canet have been major market movers in the last month, thanks to 100-point scores from Robert Parker.

The perfect rating given to the 2010 vintage of Pape Clément by the American wine critic prompted a price rise of more than 45 percent in March, according to the the latest Market Report from fine-wine exchange, Liv-ex. Trading at an average of 923 pounds ($1,409) a case in February, the wine from the Bernard Magrez-owned Pessac-Léognan estate jumped to 1,347 pounds ($2,057) per case in March.

There was strong bidding for other 2010s. Pontet-Canet, which also received a 100-point score from Parker, is now trading at 1,508 pounds ($2,300) per case, with the ever-popular Pichon Baron following closely at 1,500 pounds ($2,290).

According to the Liv-ex report: “Following the release of the Bordeaux 2010 scores, several wines from the newly bottled vintage found a market in March. The 2010s accounted for a record 11.7 percent of all Bordeaux trade.”

The 2010 vintage of first-growth Château Latour also recorded a perfect score, and there was significant interest in the wine last month. The case price increased by more than 11 percent to 11,679 pounds ($17,829).

However, buyers can purchase eight cases of fellow 100-pointer Pape Clément for the price of one case of Latour – and have change to spare. It is no wonder that the market is “bypassing the 2010 First Growths for more affordable offerings.”


Reply by dmcker, Mar 10, 2016.

RP is not the consumer's friend.

Although the good people of Bordeaux should erect a statue of him in a particularly prominent plaza. Gilded if not solid gold. Ditto over in the southern Rhone.

Certain CA wineries should each erect similar statue.

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