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Congrats to King Family Vineyards, from the Fair Commonwealth...

Posted by ChipDWood, Apr 8, 2010.

And here I was, all along, thinking it would be the '07 Shaps "Meritage" that would take it this year.

BUT: It was the '07 (an AWESOME year for reds in the Commonwealth) King Family Vineyards Meritage that took home the Governors Cup- the most prized award throughout the now-booming Virginia Wine Industry.

I must TRY IT.  Espcially if it's better than the Shaps?  Carumba.

Winemaker Matthieu Finot (a Frenchman from Crozes Hermitage, no less) crafted this gem from, and get this: merlot (which Shaps himself said was growing beautifully in Virginia, particularly as the vines have gotten some age to them, and particularly again at King), petit verdot (Virginia's 'Cab', if you're looking for how it's so different from just as an "additive" to so many other wines), cabernet franc (which itself is really taking hold of the Virginia soils, and not JUST at King)- and malbec, which, frankly, I didn't see coming at all.

It's great to see a Frenchman, honestly, do so well with the local varietals.  The King Family Estate has always enjoyed a fantastic reputation, and has had some of the very best talent in winemaking blending their varietals before release (Michael Shaps, comes to mind, and that's just one).

But, in this case, its a Frenchman not from Bordeaux- but from the RHONE VALLEY that we see having success in the fair Commonwealth.

Hmmm... how interesting the comparison is.

ROCK ON King Family.  I can't wait to try it myself.


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