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Community College Wine Courses

Posted by EMark, Jan 14, 2012.

In one of the current threads the conversation diverted to whether wine classes were offered at colleges and universities.  (I'm too lazy to find that thread.  So, I'm just starting a new topic, here.)  There were responses indicating that there were, in fact, several four-year institutions that offered such classes.

It's funny how once you hear a question, suddenly, you're hearing it again, or you're seeing different versions of the answer.  Anyway, today I learned that Mira Costa College, a Community College in San Diego County, is currently offering two interesting classes:

  • Wines of California
  • Sensory Analysis of Wines

These classes are offered by the Mira Costa Horticulture department which, apparently, offers a Wine Studies emphasis.

If Snoothers are interested in wine education for self enrichment, a local community college may have a convenient, cost effective offering.


Reply by JonDerry, Jan 14, 2012.

Yeah, i'm definitely interested in classes...but it's a matter of when.

Are you from San Diego Mark? I actually work in San Clemente myself, live in L.A.

I'm working a lot these days, trying to save in order to gain more free time later on.

Reply by EMark, Jan 14, 2012.

Diamond Bar.  I'm an inlander.

You might recall in the other thread I mentioned that my wife was a Cal Poly HRT student.  After she graduated she, then, worked at Cal Poly--very convenient to Diamond Bar.  At that time I was working in Westwood.  So, I know your struggles with commuter traffic.

I am in big favor of saving.  I was laid off last February.  That was a bit disheartening at the time.  When I updated my financial advisor, he said, "Mark, you don't have to work."

So, I don't.  Very cool  The Mrs. has hung 'em up, also.  We live the quiet life.

Reply by GregT, Jan 14, 2012.

Any way you learn about wine - or anything else - is good.  Whether you learn at a community college, a wine store, or somewhere else, learning is a good thing.

Reply by JonDerry, Jan 15, 2012.

Well, that's cool that you're local Mark. We should devise some kind of off-line (in person) tasting some time. I have a lot of bottles here in my cellar i've been meaning to taste, but it's tough to find an occasion.

Should also let you know about a cool tasting group in OC I just found out about, which specializes in blind tastings...


Reply by EMark, Jan 16, 2012.

Jon, I would look forward to a meeting.  Sharing a sample from your cellar would be fun.  Of course, I would insist that we also examine something from my modest cellar. 

The OC group looks interesting.  Some of their adventures sound more esoteric than I'm used to.  However, it would probably be best if I get out of my comfort zone.

Reply by dmcker, Jan 17, 2012.

Mark, I'm assuming you're meaning Cal Poly Pomona. Spent time with people up in San Luis, and there are other courses in that area, but sounds like you'll be lucky to follow up on a couple threads with Jon in your area.

Community College courses on wine are, I assume, like CC course on anything else. Depends on the level of demand/expectation and knowhow in the community, and specifically who's teaching. Can imagine some good experiences there, and perhaps in other cases some relative wastes of time. But certainly worth checking out (as I'm sitting here, too lazy for more websearches, also wonder if UCLA extension courses exist...).

CCs in California have historically been a great community resource, and have helped make ongoing adult education more easily accessible there (and elsewhere in the States) than most anywhere else on earth, though I don't know how good they are in the last decade or so compared to before. As GregT says, learning is a good thing. Try a course, hopefully meet some likeminded souls, and also find some good local wineshops where the proprietor or staff will help you learn. Who knows, if you want to get into storing wine longterm but don't have a cellar at home, they might even steer you in the right direction....

Reply by JonDerry, Jan 17, 2012.

Finding a long term storage solution is a top priority for me right now. Have heard good things about a local company called ideal55, but have a feeling the price will be higher than i'd like.

Almost feel like this is how some wine shops open. If I were to invest in top notch storage, I could fill it full of wine and sell it.

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