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Community, and the building of it

Posted by Philip James, Feb 25, 2008.

People often forget how young Snooth really is. We only opened our doors to the public with the launch of our site on June 4, 2007. I don't need to bore anyone by telling you how basic the site was back then; lets just say it was 'spartan'. This email isn't about the past though, its about the future, where we are headed and how we will get there.

We serve 10,000 people a day and feature hundreds of thousands of wines. However, I still see our site as too 1-dimensional. The average user turns up > searches for a wine > finds it > clicks to buy it now and then leaves our site. They may or may not have an account, rate their wines, manage their cellars and so on. The point is, with 10,000 like minded people flowing through our gates on a daily basis, we can offer more. Our focuses have always been more merchants and more accurate data. To that we now add a third: community.

Over the last few months we revamped the blog and added some very talented guest writers who bring us food and wine pairings, news from Europe, winemakers updates from the fields as well as some very insightful and entertaining discourse. To add to that we'll be launching a new section of our site, teasingly entitled "talk".

Snooth Talk will be the launching point for you as a user to begin to connect and interact with the rest of the Snooth community, to share your experiences and give and receive advice. You'll be able to meet and connect with like minded individuals and the experience is seamlessly integrated into the rest of the Snooth site. The Talk section will also be our springboard into several related community projects.

We're still in our early days of this at the moment and now is the time for you to speak up and give us your suggestions and wish lists. Tell us what you want and we may go and build it for you - just contact us or leave a comment below. Ultimately this is your site, we may be the trustees, but you, your reviews, and your interactions are what makes Snooth the site that it is.


Blog comment by chris, Feb 25, 2008.

Can't wait until Talk goes live! Having a place for discussion about wines will do wonders for the Snooth experience.

Reply by Mark Angelillo, Feb 25, 2008.

I'm very excited about this feature. I think it's turning out very well so far, and I'm looking forward to hearing what everyone thinks about it when it's finished.

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