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Posted by Gregory Dal Piaz, May 22, 2012.

Snooth's digital edition! Yup, that's right. One of the reasons I'm never around anymore, besides the regular writing, travel, and occassional nap, is this digitla edition I've been working on, well that and the soon to be announced PVA program we're going to be rolling out next month.

Here's a link to the online version of our first digital edition, a buyer's guide for Chardonnay.

Take a look and let me know what you think. The iPad version is more interactive, and attractive but we have to work within the limitations of the HTML templates here. Eventually we'll be charging $0.99 an issue. I hope you guys think it's worth it but I think I might be able to get you some discount codes.


Reply by outthere, May 22, 2012.

Very cool GDP! Something that works on my iPad. What a concept! Thanks for the preview.

Reply by dmcker, May 22, 2012.

An attractive-to-look-at start, Greg, and good luck with it.

Regarding the content, the reviews are pretty much what we get on the website for free, though more of them in one place (and perhaps earlier than we might see them from you, but still...). 

If I were to pay for content, I'd want more of it, in more depth at least. Such as (and just off the top of my head) interviews with or analyses of specific growers and label offerings, with backstory. I even get some of that in a number of places already for free, such as from the better wine merchants in their monthly (or more frequent) news letters. You're heading into serious blogger and winemag territory, as you know, so aside from AppleStore-friendly pricing, how else can you establish/differentiate yourself? Just simple reviews are easy to find elsewhere, even if I personally happen to like yours. Combining them with backstories, as well, might be one answer. Finding the tipping point will obviously be key. What I see in your current version looks like it might be appropriate as free advertising for an expanded version of Lot 18 or some other merchant venture. Just a slimmed down, narrower-focused (and visually more attractive) version of the content available on a Berry Bros & Rudd or K&L website.

Separately, even though you're visibly busy, it still would be good to see you in the Forum from time to time! Plenty of discussions going on where we'd benefit from your wisdom!   ;-)

Reply by Craig Bilodeau, May 23, 2012.

I agree with dmcker, but with a caveat.  As a species, humans are pretty lazy.  If you can bring good content to them (even though it may be available elsewhere for free) and bundle it in such a way as to present an integrated expereince (when reading about an interesting Chardonnay, I click on a link that enables me to view an in-Snooth-site view of the retailers/prices who have the wine in stock and puchase the wine from said retailers, with an automatic update to my Activity stream and cellar inventory).  Present that user experience, and they will have no issue about the nominal charge since you will have provided them with such a value-added service.  Much of the time, its all about the integration of otherwise disparate services.

Reply by dmcker, May 23, 2012.

Aggregation, in its various guises, is the number one success of the Internet (other than perhaps bringing porn to the masses). Leveraging new ways to aggregate that are seemingly uniquely useful (recognizably way superior to any competition, if not first-to-market), convenient and attractive is a proven route to success. Certainly the wine education/publicity/marketing/distribution/sales/storage&management/etc. sectors are ripe for something new and better, sooner rather than later, especially if it can be an easily graspable and clearly trustworthy solution that rises above their current inchoate state of evolution.

Your suggestions, Craig, about integrating a full wine-related experience, from learning of and about the wines through various conversions, to purchase then private stock management--and social-media interaction pertaining to these stages, all in a single smooth-running, scalable digital machine--would be something extremely powerful and unique if it could be up and running anytime in the near future. The 'Snooth Digital' publication would snuggle right in as an important link in that chain from discovery through supply (and later to post-purchase management as well as stimulating easy repeat business). 

Certainly it's an ambitious model of what somebody like Snooth could or should aim for in the near to mid future. I don't see it as being easily reachable just yet, though. As we say in the business, 'baby steps' first.

Would be interested to hear from Snooth about how such ideas mesh with or describe their aims.

Oh, and yeah, Craig, I agree with you about that laziness, and desire for hassle-free convenience, especially when attached to some sort of authority (in the sense of recognizably superior credibility). Unfortunately, nobody has yet really solved the (purely) publishing monetization issue in the digital context. Too much 'free' (whether subsidized by advertising or cross linkage or other types of subsequent conversions like product purchases, or whatever else) stuff out there to make subscription income an easy solution. I was talking above about what I would pay for. I'm not assuming everyone (or anyone) is like me.  ;-)

Reply by EMark, May 23, 2012.

I looked at it, and I agree that on the PC the presentation is clumsy.  Peggy uses her IPad a lot, and, so, I have some familiarity with that technology and can see why it would be the better device for your new offereing.

The content is reasonable for the $0.99 that you are considering.  It's not clear that I would invest the $0.99.  As I learn more, that decision may become clearer.  When making an investment for personal use, my first question always is "What problem do I have that this thing solves?"  That pretty quickly separates "needs" from "wants."  Right now, this looks like a "want."  I know that nobody cares about the 60-something-living-on-a-fixed-income demographic.  So, I'm not worried about my comments ruffling somebody's feathers.

I really admire visionary people like Craig and Dm who can see beyond the immediate and propose great new ideas.  So, hats off to you, gentlemen.  I've always been the guy who made his tools work to do his job.

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, May 23, 2012.

I've got to digest these comments a bit more thoroughly then my 12 hour a day over worked mind can possibly do at the moment, just one reason for my frequently and lengthy absences here, but I'll be back with a response soon enough.

Soon enough being in about 10 days as I leave for another week out of the country this weekend to experience the glory of the wines of Brazil. Actually very excited about it to be honest. Something new for a change.

Reply by dmcker, May 23, 2012.

Any time for the beaches?  ;-)

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, May 23, 2012.

Only in my mind but boy wouldn't i like to spemd some time there.

Reply by dmcker, May 23, 2012.

What, no surfing and samba? At least some BBQ wine matching at a churrascaria, I presume. Why not near the seashore with pleasant scenery, both people and the landscape!  Rio or even Salvador da Bahia?   ;-)

Reply by jnp1, Jan 28, 2014.

I just bought an iPad Air and transferred everything from my old iPad to the iPad Air. In the process I lost all the issues and the smooth subscription is not working now.  When I go to Library or Store it says “No Issues to show”.

Is there any way I can restore those issues?




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