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Posted by Mark Angelillo, Jun 18, 2008.

Geek alert -- the following link shows a visualization of the code progression of the Apache webserver. It is generated off of the source control of the project.

Here's how it works:

- As files are committed they stand out. The names of the developers who are involved also appear on the display, and jump out when they commit.
- The histogram at the bottom of the display tracks the time and size of the commits.
- Blue dots are documents. Yellow dots are modules. Red dots are source code files.

Here's PostgreSQL's:

Fun Fact: You'll notice that there are a sprinkling of Japanese names in the committers for PostgreSQL. That's because there was good Unicode support early on in the development of Postgres, so it was popular among Japanese developers who needed Unicode to represent their character set.

We use both of these projects to build Snooth. If any of the committers see this -- thank you!


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