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Close Enough!

Posted by Mark Angelillo, Dec 26, 2007.

With all the yuletide cheer going around it's still important to put our heads down from time to time and get some real work done. Over the past few days you may have seen our new similar wines module decorating the side of the detail page like tinsel on a Christmas tree. Of course this sidebar is not purely decorative, and won't be going away after the holiday (or even after Groundhog's Day if it's my family).

The wines you see in the sidebar are similar to the wine you are viewing by some combination of region, winery, price, varietal -- everything we know about the wine. Just another way to get acquainted with something you may not have tried. And if the wine you're looking at is not available for purchase, maybe you could try one of the similar ones. So take a look, uncork a pair of kindred wines and let us know what you think!


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