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Clinto aka Worthington

Posted by embarr, Apr 10, 2013.

I had mentioned earlier about Clinto (also called Clinton or Worthington to my knowledgde).

It is a shame that in this day and age it is still a banned vine in most of Europe and those few that know and appreciate it have to do so by hiding and in constant fear the day of destruction of their precious vines will knock at the door when least it did for my unlce who ended up seeing his (and my grandfather's) life work destroyed by overzellous fanatic fascists who operate under the cover of governement. I believe it is time this retro a......s and their ignorant laws be put out of business, afterall monopoly and deliberatly destroying competition is against the law. Like the fines Apple and Microsoft is time the governements and wine industry at large that implemented and continue to enforce these ridicolous whitch hunts be held accountable.

Having said that (sorry I had to vent this) I am glad to see that Clinto is alive and that there are Clinto wines out there. I had found out that many Merlots sold out of Chile are not at all Merlot, they are in fact Clinto and Clinto hybrids. I have been presented with a Cab Merlot yesterday and let me tell you, this was a Cabernet Clinto without a doubt, and with a significant amount of Clinto...which was followed by a Merlot (I asked for from the same little known maker) and again, it was Clinto, and a great one at that.

I am of course still looking for Clinto vines to plant here in Thailand and see how they may fair, I'm convinced they'll feel right at home here. Anyone with connections please let me know.

But perhaps the european lawmakers are right, going by the opening of this post the 2 bottles of Clinto I drank last night must have made me mad, ;-) nahhh, that's just me btw and yes mad at the lawmakers for being so ignorant but not insane...well maybe a little insane for the understanding of some but that would mainly be related to my riding and certainly not because of wine drinking.



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