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Chuck Hayward's look on Australian wine

Posted by fibo86, Mar 4, 2013.

No wonder there's not enough knowledge. We don't entice anyone and we have too many taxes. Have a look at this well recived speach.


Reply by Richard Foxall, Mar 5, 2013.

Thanks for that.  Years ago (like, 18 or so) I used to buy wine from Chuck at the Jug Shop in San Francisco, when they had a terrific location and enormous selection for the time.  Chuck was really knowledgeable and didn't unnecessarily upsell you--I drank some really good daily wines that he recommended.  He's been a longtime Australia expert, through thick and thin, and these days he's at JJ Buckley, which I learned when I went with a friend to pick up some wine and. lo and behold, there he was.

Good talk, and I think another point he made well was that you can't just market the wines of Australia--you need to say why Shiraz is great if it's from Barossa, or why Clare is good for Riesling.  I'm apparently ahead of the curve knowing that much, but "Australian" wine is much less meaningful unless you are selling to neophytes who buy Yellowtail for reasons having nothing to do with Australia.  Australia is huge, but, like California, it's climatically diverse and it just makes more sense to do the "vibrant Rioja," or "emerging wines of Navarro" thing like he says.  In Italy, there's a thread of sour cherry and bitter finishes that seems to run through a lot of wines, but no one marketing wine would fail to distinguish between Piedmont, Tuscany and Alto Adige.

And he's so right about getting out where the drinkers are in the US.  Sell the Aussie lifestyle, but also sell the wines at expos, and in festivals devoted to Aussie wine.  Kind of makes me want to pay more attention to the area again myself--if people listen to Chuck, the bandwagon could get crowded again.

Reply by amour, Mar 5, 2013.

SNOOTH to the rescue again!

Sometimes we take a lot for granted (when we write/comment/market/even converse ), and we assume everyone fully understands so many relevant factors: terroir, micro-climates, geology, differences between closely contiguous plots, and so on, not to mention the weather pattern, sequence, unusual circumstances/situations, natural phenomena, clones, vinification, methods of pruning, husbandry, and how all of these impact differently(positively, negatively, or neither) on different grape varietals, in various  vineyards, in the very same country.

I will eventually go to YOU TUBE and perhaps comment.

Just popping by to stimulate fans and non-fans!!!! (Smile!)

Thanks for drawing our attention to such an interesting discourse.  CHEERS!

Reply by fibo86, Mar 6, 2013.

@ Foxall I completely agree we do need to market better, even consider the tried, true and tested means of mass master classes on regions. Even how big a state or territory can be and within that state or territory how different the soil, weather and other factors can play a part in the out come of the wine. I'm sometimes surprised by the diversity of a region. Still after so many years.

@Amour I too agree just when you think you have it all in the bag something unexpected comes along and bites you when you least expect it.

The winemakers of south Australia had  geologists go through and map soil types with in that state and the results were amazing. As there is so much variety in just one state.

Coonawarra, Barossa, Eden Valley, Clare valley are all in South Australia just to give those that don't know the heads up. This was also the first state to have the geologist go through  it and show visually how diverse one wine region can be by mapping the soils and we keep finding areas to contemplate new wineries.....

But again if our government aren't prepared to put any of the taxes they collect back into the industry and are thinking about more taxes that will put any of NSW  tasting rooms (at wineries) to the wall.

We will suffer the loss of an important tool for tourists to find out about the wineries such as Hunter Valley (2hrs out of Syd), Mudgee (4-5hrs out) or even Orange (4-5hrs out) can show how diverse one state can be and still be able to visit Bondi Beach.

Thank for watching


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