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Champagne as a food wine

Posted by Caroline Henry, Nov 12, 2012.

As the holiday season is closing in on us and we start to look for interesting wine matches I wonder how many of you are seriously considering Champagne at the dinner table?

Yes I do admit that Champagne is often thought of as either an aperitif or maybe desert wine yet I believe it is also the perfect food wine. Living in Champagne has given me the luxury to drink many a bottle of Champagne with different meals and I am amazed by the adaptability and food friendliness of my local drop!! I should note here that the reason Champagne pairs so well with food is the fact that there are a myriad of styles of Champagne which allow for a diversity of dishes.

For the Epicurean edition of the PVA I have picked 3 very different styles of champagne and matched them with a salad, soup and side. I tried to look for more unusual pairings (ie no oysters, foie gras, salmon...) and really enjoyed mixing and matching these dishes with the Champagnes I ended up picking!

These are my 3 matches - 

Tarlant Zero NV with a peri-peri prawn, mango, grape and kiwi salad

Veuve Lanaud 1998 Cuvee Josephine with a Corn chowder w Salmon

Rene Geoffroy Rose de Saignee w a wild mushroom risotto

Have you paired Champagne with a meal before? If yes what are your favourite pairings? I am really looking forward to be hearing from you all and if you have a minute I do really appreciate your vote if you were to like my recipes:-)) 


Reply by GregT, Nov 12, 2012.

I'm not a big sparkling fan but I see no reason not to have Champagne or something else with dinner. When else actually? Who wants to have it on its own and it may well compliment any number of dishes. Makes perfect sense to me. Matter of fact, the last time I had any sparkling wine, it was what we were drinking with dinner. Worked out pretty well too - mostly seafood but also some kind of chicken dish.

I don't know about the mushrooms though - I'd far rather have a red. But with the prawn/mango thing, it seems like it would be quite nice.

Reply by Caroline Henry, Nov 12, 2012.

Thanks for the reply Greg! Can you remember what wine you had with your seafood/chicken dishes? Am just curious! The Rose de Saignee by Geoffroy is just about a red wine - it has the colour of a light Pinot, it undergoes about 24 hours maceration and has a lot of those Pinot Mushroomy Characteristics and even a little tanin. Rosee de Saignee (or Maceration) is not very common but if you do have the chance do try it - you will be surprised!!! It is a little like a red wine... Jacquesson and Larmendier-Bernier do a good one as well :-)

Have to say that even if these wines have some red wine characteristics they are still a lot lighter than for instance a sparkling shiraz!

Reply by GregT, Nov 12, 2012.

It was a Gran Reserve Cava. In fact, they all were Cavas.

Reply by edwilley3, Dec 5, 2012.

Well any GOOD Champagne library needs a range of bottles, including the bracing youthful BdBs and some graceful vintage "crooners" such as the 1989 La Grande Dame I just popped at Thanksgiving. So with a GOOD library, I can see lots of options for pairing with food. 

That said, I live by one firm, fast rule: Friends don't let friends drink Cava!  :P

BTW, I plan to buy more 1998 Duval Leroy BdB before the New Year.  I found a bunch at a clearance store for a major chain in Texas and sampled a bottle just to be sure it was good./well treated. Yum!

Reply by amour, Jan 25, 2013.

One of my wealthy friends in England, with good taste, serves Cava and Cava only at her parties!

She is not mean and gives her friends the best at all times; her perception, at any rate!

Reply by zufrieden, Jan 25, 2013.

This is an old thread, but of course Champagne is a food wine and always has been.  While the product has become expensive for most ordinary mortals, you can certainly apply the wonders of this 17th century invention to white meat (as at Christmas, New Year, North American Thanksgiving) and it works well with all but the warmest Chinese fare - even Sushi - although you might want to cut down on the Japanese condiments if you like Champagne more than (say) Wasabi.

I am not an unbiased source of information on Champagne (this should not come as a surprise), but use this beverage in a setting for which it is (IMHO) best suited: a special occasion.  If you are in love and in situ take two bottles (especially if young).

Makes me think of opening a 1999 vintage I have on tap...


Reply by GregT, Jan 25, 2013.

Friends don't let friends drink Cava!  :P

I just noticed this!

Why would that be? There are some wonderful Cavas out there. Try a Gran Reserva with some age on it!

Reply by zufrieden, Jan 25, 2013.

Hey, man, I love Cava too. Suggestions?  I certainly liked Pares Balta (admittedly an NV and of modest pretenses) -  but I would love for us to tap into your knowledge on this front.

Reply by amour, Jan 29, 2013.

A quick point here: Do any of you honestly feel that the high prices of VINTAGE CHAMPAGNES are justified.....not that any high prices are truly justified at all!!  HA! HA!!!

I sometimes feel that I am extremely happy with $50. bottles, of non-vintage, so why spend more, unless it is a Special Event!

I drink Champagne every weekend!...sometimes every day!!!!

Reply by amour, Feb 4, 2013.

Consumers, in USA and Europe, it appears, are cutting down on expensive Champagne,

choosing lower priced bubbly.

Spanish Cava and Italian Prosecco, which I do not personally favour, to put it mildly, are being rushed after!

However Champagne, I am reliably informed, is highly favoured by the young wealthy of Brazil, Russia, China, Mexico, Nigeria.  And currency fluctuations have sent up consumption in Japan, Canada, Australia.

I have already said what I have to say, my personal opinion, whether it counts or not, in a previous post!!

Cheers everyone!

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