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Posted by GhostLemur, Dec 22, 2009.

As discussed on degrandcru's cellar build thread. Thought it was about time we had a cellar pr0n thread to show off our cellars (and perv at each others), big or small.

Mine is in the small category. It's a mechanics pit in the garage, 3m long, 1m wide and 1.1m high. It's got three rows of 12 bottle racks, 7 high, for a total space of just under 220 bottles. Thought when starting off in this passion that that would be more than enough, now I doubt it, and wonder if the wife would let me get a digger in there and get it a decent size.

Excuse the mess in the garage it's due for a summer clean up. This is what you see when you walk into the garage.

Open the 'door' (there's actually six others under the two thick sheets of steel that can be seen in the previous pic). And yes I haven't even started using that drink now rack, the mid rack isn't full yet and has some drink now stuff.

And finally the important view.

The top nearest shelf is the drink now NZ sav, reisling, and chardonnay.Bunch of other stuff, mainly NZ, Italian and a bit of South American reds, some Argentinian and Italian white's thrown in for got measure (and they taste nice, Torrentes and Pino Grigio respectively). Pride at the moment is down the back end. There's the dozen Craggy Range Gimblett Gravels Te Kahu (Bordeaux style red blend), some 2005 to 2007 Trinity Hills Gimblett Gravels Tempranillo. On the top shelf is a bottle of 2004 Krohl LBV Port (want another bottle so I can actually find out what it tastes like). And finally of note is the bottle of No 1 Family Estate No1 Cuvee standing up at the end ready for xmas day.

It's a humble start, but is a start. So I've shown you mine now show me yours. ^_^


Reply by dmcker, Dec 22, 2009.

The cellar where I've been storing my wine for the past 29 years has closed as of the end of this autumn. Even though I've donated bottles to charities, gifted many and drank a lot with friends and family I'm still having to find storage for quite a few bottles all over the place. A real pain in the neck, but when I find a more permanent solution I'll post photos.

Just to keep things all in one place here are some URLs from previous threads for DeGrandcru's and GregDP's cellars:

And some threads with few or no pix on the general subject of cellar building:

There may be other threads out in the Snooth ether, but those are the ones I remember seeing since I joined earlier this year....

Reply by Degrandcru, Dec 23, 2009.

Very nice Lemur. Did you build the cellar or did it come with the house? What temperature do you have in it, is it steady? When you reach the limit, shouldn´t be too much of a problem to dig a little deeper...

But I guess whereever we dig, we still would be jealous of GregDP, of size and content...

Mine should be done beginning January. I will post some pics of the final product. I hope that more people post pics of their cellars, big or small, just love seeing cellars!

Reply by GhostLemur, Dec 23, 2009.

@Degrandcru... It was already there when we got the house. All I had to do was move one off the steel sheets back far enough to expose the door. Not sure what the temp / humidity is as I still need to get a monitor, but it seems to be consistantly cool in there irrespective of what the day is like, so it seems to be good in that respect.

Yeah totally jealous of GregDP's space and collection.

Bring on the pics people. ^_^

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