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Posted by Mark Angelillo, Nov 30, 2007.

It's always a mixed blessing to watch the website grow. As more people see us and come back I'm obviously happy. We're building the website for this exact purpose.

But I do get that sinking feeling when I see a sharp increase in traffic. Every system will break under some amount of load, with varying degrees of engineer horror. You might simply notice a slowdown in performance. As a user this is easy to cope with given some patience and maybe a glass of wine to calm the nerves. If things go horribly wrong and database queries begin to back up they might never complete (especially with liberal use of the browser stop or back button) -- at the risk of getting too technical, this can lead to data loss and the pulling of hair.

Fortunately we've done load testing on Snooth and we know it's going to be okay, but there's still that slight dizziness that comes with the occasional article at Techcrunch ... Will we hold under the surge? Well, we did this time, but I'm still thinking about performance and scalability. You deserve a smooth Snooth!


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