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Canada Dry Storage (group of companies): Changing the Landscape of the Logistics Industry

Posted by Snoother 2260721, Apr 8.

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1st April, Canada - The world today is strongly connected. A person in any part of the world has access to any type of commodity or service from a different place. Import and export play a major role in this and also adds the highest value in most country's economies.


Import/export is a vital part of many businesses and companies. Connecting to a broader audience is what enables any business to grow and diversify. But import/export and trading have hidden difficulties that are not visible to an average person. Warehousing, transport, customs, supply chain management, transload services, are a few of the problems a business has to overcome throughout the process. These issues can make or break a company and therefore meticulous planning and execution are required.


CDS or Canada Dry Storage (group of companies) warehousing and transportation solutions experts are top contenders in this market. They provide services not only in warehousing and transportation but in other logistical facets too.  The company kicked off in 1995 in Vancouver under one Mr. Ken Hanna, a visionary and determined president of the company. After starting with humble beginnings the company is now well established and strongly heading the multi-temperature, food accredited, warehousing solution for the food and beverage industry.


Providing a wide range of solutions to a company's storage issue, with temperature regulation that reduces the risk of product life, customizable pick and packing of the commodity, with their expertise in the food and beverage industry the delivery knowledge to various outlets are easily managed, cross-docking eliminates unnecessary handling and transportation hassle. Their transportation solutions include dedicated freight programs, road, air or water transport, intermodal services, and temperature regulated transportation.


The president Mr. Ken Hanna is a man of integrity and never compromises in quality of service, in a recent interview he stated: "The client relationship that we establish here is one of trust and companionship, we never let go of our client's hands in between a crisis, we put in our maximum effort to resolve issues and provide prompt delivery."


So, companies that are looking for warehousing or transportation services for food and beverage or any other logistical solution, then the guiding hand of Mr. Ken Hanna of CDS (group of companies) should cater to your every need.



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