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Burgundy on a Budget

Posted by JonDerry, Apr 14, 2017.

For the first installment, here's one of the best deals I've found in a while, a true classic Red Burgundy from Nuits St. Georges from Domaine Robert Chevillon.

I can remember trying the 2010 on release, which was really the first year I dived in to Burgundy, and that 2010 Chevillon is still up there with the best and most memorable village wine I've had. Here is the latest vintage, already with good critical and community reviews.

Domaine Robert Chevillon Nuits St. Georges V.V. - $36.00


The same store is offering another bargain to upgrade ($65.00) to one of Chevillon's better Premier Cru's, Les Pruliers, which is in the heart of NSG. I'd probably put it 4th in the pecking order of Chevillon's eight Cru's. Easily a well respected producer and vineyard across most all Burgundy collectors and drinkers alike.



Reply by duncan 906, Apr 14, 2017.

I have enjoyed [and reviewed for Snooth] quite a few Burgundies,but not this domaine. The last one was a Domaine Jaques Girard from Savigny-les-Beaune. It is possible to have nice Burgundy for under £20 per bottle especially on the site. I have a steak about once a month and I usually open a bottl;e then

Reply by JonDerry, Apr 19, 2017.

Here's a steal, but you'd better act fast. Like in the next hour or so for a good chance to buy.


Premier cru Red Burgundy steal just over the border of Vosne Malconsorts.

Domaine Remoriquet
Nuits St. Georges 1er ‘Damodes’


Only 37 bottles in stock!

Finishing up the new arrivals for Remoriquet, here’s a smart buy premier cru Red Burgundy that we made sure to have a few extra boxes on our last container. We love the character of the vineyard. Up on the slope at the northern end of Nuits right on the border of Vosne Romanée and specifically Vosne Malconsorts. You get that nice mix of feminine Vosne spice and red fruited elegance with the meatier, darker tons of Nuits. All the better when this is had at less than most village wines command these days. As we’ve said a few times now, a nice producer working quasi-organically in the vineyard, using little new oak in the cellar, and making honest Red Burgundy that’s a terrific value. This is one of the best buys at the domaine and a great little drinker that will benefit from a few years in the cellar at a sharp price.

Reply by JonDerry, Apr 20, 2017.

Three forces moving together here to create an insane value. To think that most California Pinot drinkers pay $60 for such uninspired juice, something I've been guilty of plenty of times I have to admit.

1. Cote de Beaune (Reds): Cote de Beaune reds are underrated, or seen as less than, due to their reputation for a more feminine expression. There are some Pinot's plenty masculine in style, such as this wine, but it's still labeled Volnay, whichi is part of Cote de Beaune. Plenty of masculine Pommard's too for that matter.

2. Jadot. Operating at a scale few others can claim to in Burgundy. This producer, who just about every wine connoisseur is familiar with, and most casual wine folks have seen around, offers great values.

3. Envoyer. As the Remoriquet above, Envoyer offers great value via their mailing list, and they are very often importing the wines from Burgundy directly.

So I present to you: 2010 Jadot Volnay 1er Clos des Chenes, at $59.99

Reply by JonDerry, Apr 22, 2017.

Sylvain Pataille is an up and coming producer, really helping to make Marsannay a relevant village in the Cote de Nuits these days. In addition to having his own label, he's well known for being a consulting enologist at famous domaines such as Roumier. He seems like a young fellow, so it's a bit of a surprise that this is his 13th vintage of this wine.

2014 Sylvain Pataille Marsannay "Clos du Roy" $46

Cool, just ripe dark fruit with outstanding mineral freshness. Has both elegance and backbone, with good tannins and a medium finish. Showed very well over 1 - 2 hours, only needing 20 minutes to start hitting its stride. Went through a few of the 2013 last year, and this feels slightly better, with the stem inclusion managed especially well.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Apr 25, 2017.

OMG, it's Bernie from "Room 222."


Reply by JonDerry, Apr 25, 2017.

One reason perhaps for the modest pricing. But Peter Wasserman names him as one of his favorite growers, which is not just blowing smoke. His talent comes through in the wines.

Reply by Degrandcru, May 21, 2017.

Opened this today. Bought it for $25 at the french club in Mexico City, don´t know if this is available in the US, but at $25 it is an absolutely steal. Earthy, ripe fruit, truffels, all you can ask for from a  Cotes de Nuits 1er Cru. 

Reply by JonDerry, May 21, 2017.

Nice DGC!

Have had more luck with '03's than most...especially those from the Cote de Nuits. Also appreciate the opinion on Chambolle in a hot year, which I've had in mind to avoid, though maybe I shouldn't.

Reply by rckr1951, May 22, 2017.

You guys are driving me nuts.  My French wine space in cellar is pretty much filled; now I'm thinking that I need to reduce in other areas and buy more Burgundy.

Reply by JonDerry, May 22, 2017.

Glad we're swaying you Rckr...they say all roads lead to Burgundy.

Reply by dmcker, May 23, 2017.

Wasn't it GregT that coined that phrase, JD?  ;-)

Reply by JonDerry, May 23, 2017.

Almost mentioned GregT. He was able to pin point an issue I have with a lot of Pinot, even some Burgs, to which he said Pinot sometimes has a habit of being "grapey".

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