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Bugs galore

Posted by InsaneLampshade, Jan 30, 2012.

I have tried to use your site for some time now but I have to say this has been one of the most buggy and frustrating websites I have ever used.

  • Some wines mysteriously don't get added to your cellar.
  • Some Wines get stuck in your cellar (i.e. you set the bottle count to zero, it looks like it was successful, but the wine ends up stuck there with the previous bottle count).
  • Wines mysteriously disappear from your cellar (the number of wines displays correct, but some just don't display).
  • It takes several attempts to add a wine review, even when it indicates it was successful.
  • The flights/trophies hardly ever recognise you meeting the requirements.
  • Recommendations don't work at all, I have reviewed more than 5 wines yet it still tells me I need to review 5 wines.
  • So so so many duplicate wines in the database (yes I realise you have little control over this, but tightening up/restricting the process by which users add new wines would go some way to helping... maybe even force users to upload a picture for all new wines, and at least make the "add a new vintage" function *A LOT* more visible, I'm pretty sure most of the duplicate wines are just additional vintages because users couldn't find how to add one to a pre-existing wine).
  • The search feature seemingly works differently in different parts of your site, a wine can appear in the main search, but then not appear in the add a wine function in your cellar.

And ignoring bugs, the layout/usability of your site is frankly a mess, it is unintuitive, a collection of individual pieces of functionality that on their own would be perfectly fine, but don't seem to integrate as a usable whole. Not to mention the search function popping up results and automatically taking you to one of them before you've even finished typing (though I notice you seem to have finally fixed this now).

I am struggling to see what the actual purpose of the site is in its current state; it's not reviews because the vast majority of wines in your database have zero reviews, likewise it's not price comparison because again the vast majority of wines in your database have zero price data, it's not cellar management because the cellar functionality on your site is so unreliable that it is unusable, and it's not to be a wine forum as there are plenty of bigger wine forum's on the internet.

It is a shame because on paper the potential of the site is great. It is just horribly frustrating to use at this moment in time. It just feels like you don't employ any testers at all.



(And the icing on the cake: the only reason I'm posting this in the forum and not sending it via the "Contact Us" page is that the form on that page doesn't work, nothing happens on clicking submit, I assume there's a hidden character limit... any sane developer would have at least put an error message on the page, but oh well, clearly not here.)


Reply by Mr Dolce, Jan 30, 2012.

I agree Lampshade, I too, have had numerous issues with the Snooth site.  I have complained in the past and didn't get too far.  This site may have some issues but I still enjoy it.  Currently, I am missing Trophies, my stats have mysteriously decreased, the user friendliness it not where it once was.  This is not a complaint to the Snooth gods, I am simply venting.  As I mentioned, I enjoy Snooth.

Reply by Chris Carpita, Jan 30, 2012.

I appreciate the detail in this post - we do take this kind of input seriously.  I agree there are some big steps that we should be taking to make the site more usable, and that it should be the primary driver of design.  

Re: data on the site, you made a lot of good points.  Obviously making it easy to add reviews will improve the review counts on the site.   Out of curiousity, which browsers are you guys using?  I haven't had any issues adding reviews in the last few days, and I feel like I've tested this specific function recently in all major browsers.

Regarding cellaring, I think I understand the underlying issue of missing/sticky wines in the cellar, and have plans to improve the reliability of that piece of the site.  I'm hoping to find time for this in the near future.

The contact form is fixed now, thank you for reporting that.

Re: the purpose of the site - There are multiple facets, but I think the underlying one is bringing together wine novices and experienced drinkers in a friendly environment.  In our efforts to make both crowds happy we've added a fair amount of complexity to the site, which drives feelings of incoherence and makes bugs more likely.  I think a major goal this year is tying the individual pieces together in a way that makes more sense, and of course improving on the data by adding more prices, removing duplicates, and encouraging ratings and reviews.

@Mr Dolce - which stats decreased?   We re-calculate stats periodically for active users on the site, so I'm wondering what is reporting incorrectly there.   Also which specific trophies are you missing?  I'm hoping that we can find a single underlying cause here.

Reply by duncan 906, Jan 31, 2012.

I like Snooth because of its database of wine reviews, the forum and some of the articles but I think it is over-complex and there have been problems with the site on the technical side.I have been unable to start a new post but am confined to contributing to existing posts.In addition,the other day I submitted a review for Pouilly-Fume Les Charmilles by Jean Dumont.I clicked on the green SAVE button and it came up'thanks for your review' and then the review disappeared and I have not been able to find it on the site since

Reply by Chris Carpita, Feb 1, 2012.

@duncan - I'm not sure what could have happened regarding the wine review, it looks like nothing posted in the database for that wine.  I'll take a look at the submission procedure and error checking.   I think I also fixed the issue with the Talk publisher.  Does the form appear when you go to start a new conversation?  Can you at least save drafts?

Reply by jaybo42, Feb 3, 2012.

It's nice to see Chris Carpita active on this forum to give us some hope of the issues being address and resolved.  I look forward to the problems being corrrected soon.

Reply by redpoz, Nov 11, 2012.

I agree, very often the "wine rack" does not recognize the progress for trophies... which is somehow frustating.

I complained to webmasters about this with detailed infos, but never received any reply...

Reply by redpoz, Nov 11, 2012.

It also seems not to count the wines you added for the trophies... so stupid.

Reply by jtryka, Nov 18, 2012.

Hell, I couldn't even start a new topic on the forum tonight!  I wanted to simply start a new thread on what people are drinking with their Turkey this Thursday, and I clicked on the "Start a new Topic" button, which one would think would simply enable you to start a new topic, and that led me to a page where I could see the topics I've started in the past, but no option for actually starting a new thread. Then I click on "drafts" and I get to a new blog post...well I'm not trying to post on a blog, just start a new topic on the forum.  SO FRUSTRATING!!!!

Here's a hint, stop letting the IT people drink wine!!!

Reply by Chris Carpita, Nov 19, 2012.


@jtryka - is this what you see when you go to start a new topic?   Wondering if it was a temporary connection issue that prevented the form from loading...

Reply by jtryka, Nov 19, 2012.

The first time I saw nothing, it was just blank on the left side, but still had the two boxes on the right side there (drafts, published postes and the we think this post stuff below).  So then I clicked on drafts but since I had zero drafts in there, it took me to something I could edit, tried to do that but somehow I must have been on blog posts and it wanted a blog url, and all I wanted was to start a new forum topic.  It was just very frustrating.

Reply by Chris Carpita, Nov 19, 2012.

Ah, that makes perfect sense - fixed the link so it starts a topic in Snooth Talk, and will take a look into why it's not communicating that it's loading.

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