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Bud break in February? 2015 sets records... (look carefully)

Posted by Richard Foxall, Feb 21, 2015.

Can you believe this?  Bud break and it's only February 21!

Okay, you shouldn't believe it because those are blackberries in my backyard, but the weather here is crazy, as in crazy nice.  We've had a few big rain systems over the rainy season (should be in shudder quotes after the last few non-rainy seasons), most have missed the Bay Area and have deposited little snow in the Sierra.  North of the immediate Bay has gotten more, but it's still not pretty.  And we've had hardly any cold weather.  So the daffodils popped a week or ten days ago.  My strawberries have flowers and even the start of fruit.  The fig went dormant for maybe a week and the roses hardly at all.  I don't think rosemary has a season but it's going crazy with all kinds of tender green shoots and very little wood. 

I'll let OT report from out in the field, but I bet the real thing comes very early.


Reply by outthere, Feb 21, 2015.

This pic was on the front page of the Feb 5th Press Democrat. You're late to the party.

The Gravenstein Apple Blossom Festival in Sebastopol is like the third weekend of April every year. I'll bet the blossoms are come and gone before the end of March. Weird year.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Feb 24, 2015.

Pray that there is no frost from here on out.  Although that shot looks just a little unusual.  I didn't see a ton of buds on Friday, Feb. 13 when I was up in Sonoma and DCV.  Still, yeah, weird year.

Reply by outthere, Feb 24, 2015.

We had a low of 30° this morning and there was frost on the roofs of the homes around me. They have sprinklers out in the vineyards. Don't worry.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Feb 24, 2015.

Sprinklers work up to a point.  That point hasn't been passed yet, I agree.  But not everyone has sprinklers.  I'd guess we won't have a hard frost this late, but things have been very weird.  Now if we could get some more rain, that would be good.  I did notice that it was extra cold here in Oakland this morning even with our marine environment.  Maybe this will go down as a really long cool growing season.  Three good ones in a row?


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