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Brokenwood Rayner the end of an era

Posted by fibo86, May 11, 2009.

I've just found out that the 2007 Brokenwood Rayner is the very last vintage of this particular Shiraz, as sad as that make's me, it now makes me wish even more that i had a real cellar.

The Rayner is a fantastic single vineyard Shiraz from the McLaren Vale and regrettably for the lovers of this particular wine the lease between vineyard and wine maker has come to an unfortunate demise with no possible sight of the fruit in the future, as someone did have the foresight to make sure they have a hold on the fruit, with a lease starting 2008.

Woe is me, especially considering I can't remember who the fruit now belongs to now.


Reply by Philip James, May 12, 2009.

Sorry to hear that Fibo - its always sad when something good comes to an end...

There are a few wines I've liked that I can no longer track down, either because I moved and they are not sold in the US, or they no longer make them.

Reply by fibo86, May 12, 2009.

I didn't really think I'd see things like this, until I'd been in the industry for a lot longer as it's a fairly iconic wine here.
I do know that it happens but it's not something you'd expect for such a market stayer.

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