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Briceland's Humboldt Pinot's Earn High Marks

Posted by Andrew46, Jan 29, 2011.
Edited Feb 4, 2011

Forgive the shamless self promtion.  I am very pleased with this. 

Two of our wines where recently reviewed by Pinot Noir specialist Prince of Pinot on the Pinotfile website.

Here is the article:

The reviews are at the bottom.

He rates:

Elk Prairie Vineyard 08 as Very Good + and an exceptional price/quality ratio.
Phelps Vineyard 08 as Truly Exceptional and an exceptional price/quality ratio.

I'd love to hear if any of you have tasted these or any of our other wines.




Reply by dmcker, Jan 29, 2011.

Nice writeup. Congratulations. Was curious about the differences between the two pinots, since the format of his description isn't identical between the two. How would you describe their differences (and characteristics, from your perspective)? And where is it possible to find the wines, other than perhaps directly from the winery?

Reply by Andrew46, Jan 29, 2011.


Thanks for your questions and comments.  We are proud of the wines and very pleased with the reviews.

The wines:  I like them both for different reasons/situations. 

08 Phelps is quite concentrated, intense, tannic and fruit rich.  Although it is not a high alc. wine, it expresses ripeness while sticking true to PN traits.  To me, this wine is the type of wine which ages exceptionally well, and I think I will like it better in 5 to 10 years.  Others who seem to enjoy more concentrated wines seem to preffer it now.  As a wine, I think it is better than the EP, but I drink more EP now.  Unless I am eating Lamb, for example.  There is not much, so I am saving some for myself.

08 Elk Prairie has medium body, and more of a finesse wine than a power wine.  Smooth tannins, lightly fruity with floral and earthy  overtones.  People who like cool weather Pinots tell me that this is a fine example.  To me this wine is excellent now, and to me seems likely to improve for at least 2-4 more years, although it will last much longer.  Please remember that we are talking about Briceland Vineyards wine from Elk Prairie Vineyards fruit.

So far, these two wines are only available from the winery and at local restaurants here in Humboldt County.  There is a store in Napa that carries some of our wines, but I have not yet delivered either of these to them.  For you, I'd be happy to work something out, since I am sure I could count on you for your honest and detailed review of the wines.  Feel free to contact me by email:

If you have a suggestion of someone who might like to carry them, I'd be open to that too, but we would have to start pretty small on how much they could have, as I don't want to upset my existing customer base.

Thanks again for your interest.


Reply by dmcker, Jan 29, 2011.

Thanks for the fleshedout description. You confirm the interest I felt in the Phelps, particularly after a bit of laying down, though both are definitely something I'd like to taste.

Reply by JonDerry, Jan 29, 2011.

Very cool, congrats.  Also, an interesting read on this lesser known region in Northern Cal.

Reply by Andrew46, Jan 31, 2011.


I need to revise my comments about about Phelps seeming tannic.  I had one last night for the first time in a couple of months.  Stellar.  I still think it has what it takes to age but it is just fine now.

Reply by dmcker, Jan 31, 2011.

Bottle variation? Lot variation? Imagine you'd be in a position to know... ;-)

I emailed you about them.


Reply by Andrew46, Jan 31, 2011.

Yes I am in a good spot know how the wines were handled. 

No, I don't think it is bottle or lot variation, since there was only one lot.  I think it has to be how the wine is developing over time.  Also, we are starting to run low, and we normally fall in love with our wines just as they sell out.

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