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Brazilian Wines!

Posted by Hugo Sauaia, Apr 30, 2009.

Well, Robert Parker and Jancis Robinson have recently tried them, so I think it is time we expand our horizons and start putting our palate into real action. I believe I can say something about it especially because as I am in Brazil I have had the chance to try lots of them, from the cheapest fine ones to the most expensive ones, except for a few I haven´t reached yet.

My objective here is to listen to everyone who has ever come across a Brazilian wine.

My overview is that when you talk about reds, mainly merlots have a little advantage to all the others, because it seems to be the grape that has been mostly well adapted to our terroir.

Although sparkling wines made from chardonnay are commonly said to be the best, I believe there is much more to enjoy.

How about you? have you ever tried one? What are your impressions? Talk to us boy.



Reply by Hugo Sauaia, Apr 30, 2009.

I forgot to say that everybody is welcome to join our group on Brazilian Wines!

Reply by corskier, May 1, 2009.

I had the misfortune of being exposed to the wines from the native varietals from Brazil first. On our trip from SP to MG we stopped in at a winery on the side of the road and all they had were natives and boy were they something! High RS, "foxy" wouldn't begin to describe the muskiness, I thought all was lost. When we finally got to Caxambu we stopped in at a liquor store and bought some real wine. The first was a Syrah from Rio Gra do Sol and it was a bit more encouraging, although the fruit was poorly grown, tasted like they tried to pull in about 6 tons/acre, and the wine was washed out. Tried some Merlot that tasted nice enough, although I brought some wine down from Oregon that I'd made, and it tasted rough right next to ours. We also have a 2005 Salton Cab Sauv in our cellar right now that is probably due for some drinking. If I taste it in the near future I'll post the results in your thread! I'd say if I go back down soon I'd like to make a trip out of tasting in the South of Brazil and over the Argentine border.

A bit off topic, but the Cachaca from MG was great stuff. I wish I could import some of the stuff from those micro-distilleries, it was really interesting and there isn't anything like it in the US.

Reply by Hugo Sauaia, May 1, 2009.

Corskier, there is a lot of bad wine, rough wine in the market, especially when you go down to the south. They are not fine wines, made from grapes there aren´t even vitis vinifera. However if you get some information first you can reach lots of very good wine companies, producing fine and delicious wine. I can give you some good directions whenever you need them. I just got back from the south and visited Casa Valduga, Chandon, Salton, Miolo, among others, I could check out every step of the production, from the grape fields till corking. I believe brazilian wines need more encouragement from the government and are now seeking hard for elegance.
I´ve had a feel cachaças myself, I´m not very fond of them, but I know they´re great. I brought a great brandy from Casa Valduga, it was for 15 years in the wood. It was a bargain, I´ll post the results once I drink it.

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