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Bottle shock wasn't the problem... it was pine nuts!!!

Original post by napagirl68, Mar 8, 2010.

Hi fellow snoothers,

I posted a topic on Bottle shock, after opening a great bottle of wine I had just gotten, that tasted "off", dead finish, etc.  Even the food I had with it in the past tasted off.  SOOO, I chalked it up to bottle shock (since it wasn't corked or 2nd ferm).  Well, today, food has been tasting odd.  Then I opened some different wine tonite, and THAT tasted bad too!  And then I remembered... I made pesto Sat nite, and was munching on the pine nuts, which I love.  However, a few years ago, after munching on pine nuts, I got the most bitter taste when I ate ANYTHING that lasted for abt 2wks.  I looked it up on the net, and stumbled across pine nuts as a culprit. 

So there you have it.  It seems that, since my last bitter experience with pine nuts, there have been more and more reports of this.  It doesn't seem to be a toxin, just an odd sensitivity in some people.  I guess I am one of them.   No good wines for me until my taste comes back :-(


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Reply by zufrieden, Mar 12, 2010.

Great revival of the pine resin flavored wine.  I admit to loving the stuff in the appropriate environment; a small taverna in Attica, perchance?  It is also cheap, convivial and best in its traditional form - strongly resinous in flavor. 

But don't worry: I don't compare it to anything serious in the wine domain.  Not even sake... :-)

Have a good weekend!


Reply by ONUMello, Mar 13, 2010.

Interesting... I just had a salad containing pine nuts and the wine I had tasted fine. That being said, I've had some very rancid pine nuts before and I could see that throwing things off. The 2 weeks seems a bit long for taste buds to be affected, but I'll take note.

Reply by zufrieden, Mar 13, 2010.

Just don't try peanuts.


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