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Book review: The House of Mondavi

Posted by Philip James, May 5, 2008.

As Eric Asimov of the New York Times said: “Call it Greek tragedy or Shakespearean drama, Biblical strife, Freudian acting out, or even soap opera. . . . Compelling.”

Great book, telling the epic story of the Mondavi family, from their humble roots as Italian immigrants to the public intra-family court cases (Robert Mondavi's mother testifying against her son for example) to the current day. You learn about the Charles Krug winery, which is the real family winery, how Robert, despite the success he bought to the business, was ousted by his brother, Peter.

Robert then founded the Mondavi winery that we all know, made it a huge success and then with Baron Rothschild, who the book reveals is quite a character, built Opus One.

Based on extensive interviews and research the factual level of data in this book is incredible, but through careful footnoting is still an easy read.

Its fairly long, but if you love Mondavi wines, or want to read a bonfire of the vanities style breakup then this is a gripping read.

NB: I actually listened to an unabridged version on audiobook.


Reply by Philip James, May 6, 2008.

Some more mondavi news from yesterday:

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