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best deals for wine online?

Posted by Henry Glucroft, Aug 27, 2012.

Hey Snoothers, I was curious to know where people are buying their wine when online?



Reply by shsim, Aug 27, 2012.

Last bottle! I have bought from lot18 once. There is also which i believe is one of the Snoothers work. 

Reply by cgplayer9, Aug 27, 2012.

WinesTillSoldOut (

Reply by Richard Foxall, Aug 28, 2012.

Long ago I wrote a post about my experiences with all the online wine companies I have bought from, then my fingers slipped on the keyboard and it disappeared.  I'll do another one in my word processor and cut and paste it over if anyone is interested.  Definitely more experience now.  But, that said, I'm doing way less of my business online than I used to. 

Reply by Henry Glucroft, Aug 29, 2012.

Thanks for the tips. I also know of and barclay's wine seems to also have some interesting deals for affordable prices. 

@Foxall, that would be amazing if you found your past post and could copy paste :)

Reply by GregT, Aug 29, 2012.

Many retailers have online deals, some of which are actually quite good. But you also have to make sure they're responsive to their customers.

WTSO offers free shipping on everything they sell, based on some minimum bottle purchase. Wine Library does as well both on their main site and through Cinderella.  Canals in NJ same. Saratoga Wine same, although their deals aren't as discounted.

And lots of retailers are reputable - Brown Derby, B-21 in FL, Winex, K+L, Woodland and Benchmark and Fine and Rare Wines in CA, Wizers in WA, and so on.  In NY, I sometimes buy online just because it's easier. No free shipping but for selection, Chambers Street, PJs, Grapes and others are worth looking at.

Reply by napagirl68, Aug 29, 2012.

I order from  Since I live in the SF bay area, I am able to pick up at one of their stores.  They have a great selection, and the prices are fair.  Occasionally some great deals as well.  My only qualm is that I disagree at least half the time with the "staff" rating/description of a wine.  Recently I bought some pinot that was a great deal, and the staff member's description was way off, IMO.  It said the pinot was tart red fruit, orange peel, etc.  My style of pinot.  It ACTUALLY was a very dark pinot, with tons of black fruit, not a hint of orange peel to be found.  Either there was a mixup in wine or vintage, or palate was way off.

So, I do not consider, for the most part, staff ratings/comments in my decision.  I use them typically to buy wine I already know or want, and if there is a good deal, I will try to also research it elsewhere.


Reply by JonDerry, Aug 29, 2012.

Concur on (K&L Wine Merchants), you can tell they take care of their wines and they have the distribution channels to get good provenance (direct from wineries, importers). JJ Buckley is similar.

Benchmark buys/sources from people's cellars in addition to the above and so you can get a lot of older wines through them. Over time, you get to know the sellers and who's best to buy from. I see a lot of deals on flickeringwines out of Chicago but have never dealt with them.

Reply by Damndit, Aug 29, 2012.

In New Zealand I have found the best 2 online stores to be Fine Wine Delivery Company and for those cheaper deals Best Wine Buys is hard to beat for bargins. In Aussie  the choice is more limited but I have found Nick Wine Merchants to be very good as well as Grays Online for the ultimate bargin finds but with this you have to know what you are after when you go to Grays.

Reply by MJRisenhoover, Aug 30, 2012.

K&L Wine Merchants are the best, but I shop their stores not online, I think I have only bought online one time and that was a good deal on a Gary Farrell Pinot Noir from Lot18 and I might buy from them again if something catches my eye.  I have a bad habit of only buying what I come across in tasting rooms or maybe that's a good habit.

Reply by zinfandel1, Sep 2, 2012.

I have bought from Lot 18 with some satisfaction. I buy from Wine Access when they have good deals on high end wines.

Wine Library and Cinderella have great prices and free shippping on quantity levels, but their reviews, in my opinion, are over-hyped and I have ended up with as many losers as I have winners.

My newest is VLDT (Voices of the Earth) and they specialize in Burgundy. The prices are discounted and so far have been satisfied with the product. Although even with discounts it can be pricey and I am on a budget.

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