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Best cellar software?

Original post by cookypuss1, Sep 28, 2009.

I'm curious to know what you all are using for cellar software. I'm ready to start shopping! I don't particularly like the UI of CellarTracker, so looking for other suggestions (or why you love CellarTracker so much you could never use anything else!).

I of course want to keep track of my inventory, but also get reminders about what needs to be drunk by when. My hand-written system is getting harder and harder to follow!

I actually think I saw an ad on Snooth for a company and checked them out and like what I saw, but I didn't bookmark it and now I can't find it. Seems like there are lots of offerings out there.

Thanks for any help! :)

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Reply by Philip James, Oct 13, 2009.

Jimmy - what do you mean? You can search for anything using the search box (whether its the main search, or just searching your own inventory via the myWines page).

For example, here are the 6 Cabernet's I've reviewed that I rated over 4 glasses, that cost under $30 and are tagged "spicy":

Jimmy / RobR - we have a blackberry optimized website at, it offers search, review, rate, wishlisting etc, but doesnt yet offer the cellar management the main site does.

RobR - you can tag where your wines are using Snooth - just click on the "interact" button on any wine page and you can wishlist the wine, or add the number of bottles and location to the wine. You can do this via the myWines page as well.

Reply by Jimmy Cocktail, Oct 13, 2009.

Philip, it's clear that I need to use the functionality of this site more. :-)

Reply by Philip James, Oct 13, 2009.

Thats what the forums are for. We add a lot of stuff, and I'm sure many users don't know all the functionality. We probably need to go update the intro page and welcome emails etc.

Reply by kylewolf, Oct 13, 2009.

I am just kinda curious, I am sure I do not have enough bottles to warrant a tracker program, but at what time do you think your collection has grown (bottle wise) to the point where you require assistance in keeping track of your bottles?

Reply by Hexley, Oct 17, 2009.

In case there are any Mac users out there, I use Vinoteka and I love it. The interface is sort of like iTunes for wine, uncluttered and clean looking, yet has a lot of functionality. I've tried all of the other wine cellar applications for Mac and this one is far superior, in my opinion. And only 29.90 € (About $45).

Reply by GhostLemur, Nov 23, 2009.

Being a linux user I just downloaded as many difference opensource solutions as I could find and played with each a bit to see which I like and suited my needs. Loving this site lots so going to add my stuff here too. But as most of it is NZ and not listed I have to work out how to do that and find a free weekend to have a play.

Reply by DougSO, Aug 26, 2010.

Also, check out Cadent wineCellar: .  It exists for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPad.  All are able to sync with a free Cadent Cloud service.

Reply by outthere, Aug 26, 2010.

I use CellarTracker for many of the reasons listed on their features the Dmcker posted:

  • Inventory control:
  1. I know what I have 
  2. Where it is
  3. When I bought it
  4. What is coming (Pending orders)
  5. When it is coming 
  • Market info
  1. Who I bought it from
  2. How much I paid for it
  3. What it is currently selling for
  4. Where others are buying it and when
  • Consumption Data
  1. What I have drank
  2. When I drank it
  3. What I thought of it
  4. What other users think of it
  5. What in my cellar is ready to drink
  6. What isn't ready - These are nice if you are in a hurry and want to grab a few bottles that will be ready NOW. 
  • Tasting notes - I separate this from Consumption Data due to all the options available.
  1. Professional notes and scores tagged to each bottle in my inventory.
  2. Being able to flag a user or users as someone with a similar palate and following their notes to get ideas on new wines to try. Also hearing what they have to say about your wines as far as drinkability is concerned. Let them experiment with their bottles.
  3. Seeing current (daily) tasting notes on all wines in your cellar.
  4. Checking all notes for all vintages of said wine from release to present time. A evolutionary chart so to speak.

These represent the features I use regularly. There are so many more it can be overwhelming at first but the learning curve is pretty quick. The interface is not real graphical but it's so easy to use. They have a beta version of their new software with a more graphical interface at 

The biggest plus for me is that within 2 clicks of my mouse I can be wherever I want to be on the site. Most things are 1 click away from the home page.

Then there is the database. Very few wines show up as multiples and usually they are edited out for ease of use. Users can flag mistakes in listings or multiple listings of the same wine. Users can create new wines/wineries without having to be connected with such winery. Can't do that here. I have rarely looked for a wine and not found it. One was my '66 CVNE Imperial Grand Reserva simply because nobody in the community had one yet there were older vintages listed with accompanying notes.

Best of all it is web based. If my computer crashes I don't lose my cellar info. I don't have to back it up and save a copy elsewhere. I can access it from any computer at any time from any place. The annual share ware fee is $30 for cellars under 500 bottles. $60 for cellars between 501 and 1,000 bottles. $100 for larger cellars.

I've tried using the database here on Snooth but find that many of my wines do not exist here and require my data input. There are no notes when I am investigating a wine. When entering data the process tends to be slow for me and each input requires a page reload. Much more time consuming.

Sorry for the long post. I hope it was informative. Guess my 2¢ took up a little more than 2¢ of space. ;-)

Reply by outthere, Aug 26, 2010.

Oh, and if I make a mistake inputting data;

"I use CellarTracker for many of the reasons listed on their features the Dmcker posted:" = "I use CellarTracker for many of the reasons listed in their features that dmcker posted:"

 I can "EDIT" it after the fact. ;-) ;-)


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