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Best Argentine Malbec of the day

Posted by Gregory Dal Piaz, Dec 12, 2011.

So I just tasted trough 16 Mabecs, and this one stood out to me. Lovely fruit and balance wiht a real honest feel. Does this sound like something you would enjoy or do you prefer a more ttypical, fruity profile. let me know!

2008 Urraca Malbec Agrelo, Mendoza, Argentina  14.8% $20

This is fairly tight on the nose with a liquory streak of blackberry and black currant gently accented by hints of truffle and walnutty oak. Big and round on entry, this fills the mouth quickly with rich, dark fruit backed up with a hint of coconut, cedary oak and some creamy cinnamon streaks. More backing spices add to the backend before this turns to a long, licorice and black fruit finish with slightly rustic tannins and a nice beefy edge before returning to a blackberry finale.  I like this quite a bit, as it seems to show a bit less of winemaker imprinting than many Malbecs.  91pts


Reply by dmcker, Dec 15, 2011.

Nice note on the wine, though I wonder where I could even find it in Tokyo. Several lowerend Argentine offerings around the place (kinda like those labels you run across in Halong Bay rockclimbing bars down in Vietnam--why no range of better offerings in Tokyo??), but almost entirely sodapop. Am happy I found a new source for French malbecs recently, though, since I only really knew of one reliable one before, and will post on some new finds when I pop their corks.

Reply by JonDerry, Dec 16, 2011.

Thanks for the rec, always love an affordable outstanding.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Dec 20, 2011.

I often feel like I tasted a "trough" of Malbecs since they are often fruit bombs.  But this sounds interesting--the fruity thing is what turns me off to malbec in general. How's the acid on this?

I've got a Loire Malbec I might have to try now that I have read this.  (Yep, Loire.  Malbec.  Not cab franc.  If I like this, it may make the Loire my overall favorite wine producing region, period.)

Reply by dmcker, Dec 21, 2011.
Edited Dec 23, 2011

Cot in the Loire is a different animal than auxerrois in Cahors, I find. More sun in the SW of France than up that river that's closer to the North Sea than the Mediterranean, or so it feels. Will be interested to hear your take on that bottle. As always, of course, it depends on who's making the quaff.

Unfortunately I seem to get bored quickly with the Argentine malbecs I run across. No chance to dig in deeper to the region, I suppose, as the two Gregs might have. Can't say the same about people down there, fortunately, though only one romantic involvement with someone from Argentina while more from France. ;-)  May have to schedule a trip or two down to southern South America some day. Chile then across the Andes to that part of Argentina might do it. Or Buenos Aires for some cafes and restaurants, then to Patagonia for fresh air, though I doubt they make too much wine down there...

Reply by Richard Foxall, Dec 22, 2011.

From inexpensive Malbec to D's romantic history... that's the forums on Snooth, and a more interesting detour (some would call it "hijacking the thread," but not me) than "What has Robert Parker done to the state of wine?"

Here's what I found on Patagonian winemaking, BTW.

Reply by dmcker, Dec 22, 2011.
Edited Dec 23, 2011

Why not start a thread on the romantic aspects of wine, whether romantic feelings about or from them, romancing with them, mention of them in romances or...? Can't say other drinks bring as much of that to the table as wines do. And when I think of certain flavor profiles and how to analogize them I often think of romantic subjects. So I guess that's not really thread hijacking. ;-)

Hell, maybe I'm getting a little bored, too! Thanks for the link. Although I don't think of 'flat' when I think of Patagonia (see below). The wine(s) sounds interesting, but good luck finding them in Tokyo....


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