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Posted by Philip James, May 22, 2007.

We've made contact with hundreds of companies in the wine space - retailers, importers, distributors, wineries, wine software companies etc. However, for all our success there are always a few companies we reach out to that we've gotten nowhere with. Perhaps they're busy, or perhaps they don't care. Either way, its frustrating.

There's nothing new here - every company faces the same. However, and this is where it gets interesting. Every time I've blogged about someone they've gotten in touch with me. Either our blog has better readership than I'd dared to hope for, or more likely, everyone sits around 'googling' themselves.

So...if you see your name on the Snooth blog in the coming days, drop us a line and introduce yourself. Even if we don't blog about you, introduce yourself anyway - with over 1.25 million ratings and the largest wine database around, I'm sure there's something we can talk about.


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