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Posted by hasselmann, May 26, 2011.

Hi everyone

I am going to the lovely area of Barolo this summer for a trip around to the wineyards.

I have been there several times but will appreciate some feed back and recommendations.

I can list some of the wineyards i allredy have visited...... Fratelli Revello..... Renato Corino... Fratelli Ferrero..... Massolino.... Anselma.... Elio Altare....

Barolo and Barbera is my favorites, but I will appreciate every hint about an outstanding wineyard or wine..... white as well.

Wish all of you a nice summer.... cheers (o:

Arne Hasselmann - Denmark


Reply by Anna Savino, May 26, 2011.

Hi Arne!

I am on the search of wineries in this area too. I have lived here for 6 years and I am interested in the lesser known wineries that give you a great experience.



DOGLIANI: CHIONETTI... barbera like dolcetto




                       BOFFA.. beautiful varanda with view for tasting wines.


For now these are my favorite experiences. Tell them Anna Savino sent you (the american from saluzzo!)

Let me know where you choose to go!


Reply by hasselmann, May 26, 2011.

Thank you very much!

I will let you know if I visite some of them.... I know for sure i will come to La Morra.

I agree with you finding small or "unknown" wineries can give the best experiences.... i can recommend visiting Revello in La Morra... buy their Barbera Ciabot du re and their L'Insieme .... my favorite Barolo is their Vigna Conca. My oppinion is you get great value for money at Revello`s. They have been teached by Elio Altare in making wine.

Thank`s again for your feed back





Reply by Kristianson, May 26, 2011.

Hi Arne!

Good to see a fellow Scandinavian on the board. Myself I am from Sweden, but live in Piemonte for a year now. Have not really had time to venture out much to Barolo (live in Acqui Terme about an hour drive).

We did visit Brezza vinery in Barolo recently which was alright, but nothing too exciting.

We did get a few bottles of Barolo from 2007 with some that were "classico" i.e. in this case a mix of Nebbiolo grapes from various areas in Barolo. After reading the latest article on Snooth on Barolo 2007 I know understand why they had to use a mix as there were not enought good grapes around and it must have been due to the hail storms that ruined a lot of the grapes that year. The Brezza vine person did not tell us this was the case though. The Barolo's were a bit high on the alcoholic content for my liking around 15.

I am by no means an expert yet, but love the Nebbiolo's and Barbera's. In any case if you have not been to restaurant Bovio in La Morra, I can strongly recommend it. Lunch or dinner, we just spent my fathers 70 years birthday lunch there on a lovely April day ,not to be missed.

Have a good trip!




Reply by dmcker, May 26, 2011.

So Kristianson, what kinds of Barolos and Barbarescos and Barberas do you want to be drinking in the next year?

Reply by Kristianson, May 26, 2011.

Great ones :)! I have not yet tried any Barolo or Barbarescos from Vietti yet, they are supposed to be very good. Their Roero Arneis is wonderful. 

Reply by Felis21, Oct 24, 2011.

Jens - you are not the architect working with Marie Steenstrup and Anna Gravell, are you? I have started blogging for Anna (in Swedish,, and on Maries advice went to Aqui Terme when I was last there. Nice place. Considering a second home there. Fun to see you on Snoot if you are "that" Jens.

PS Had a bottle of Viettis Roero Arneis the other day - wonderful, quite powerful, should not be drunk too cold!

Reply by Kristianson, Oct 24, 2011.

Hello Felis21,

No, I am not that Jens (at least I do not think so :-)). We love it here, just a perfect location, in the middle of all the vines. We have quite a bit of land where the previous owner used to grow Barbera and Dolcetto - at some point we may start that going again - possibly write a blog about it to keep any readers up to date on: "on how to start a vineyard".

PS. I did try the Barbera D'Alba from Vietti - 2007 - it was excellent, and as usual with wines from this region, they show their true color paired with Piemontese cuisine.


Reply by Felis21, Oct 24, 2011.

Haha, ok, well I guess there are two wine-loving Swedish guys named Jens in Acqui Terme then! Think it sounds like a great idea to start up the wine growing. Ideally, I would like a few vines to practice on once I find myself a place down there. Just haven't decided between Piemonte and Provence. Guess I shouldn't say it too loudly that I prefer French food over the Piemontese kitchen... The place grew on me though, and the people were crazy friendly! Forgot to make a post on it, but I did write about my thoughts of Piedmont vs Provence, Feel free to give me any additional input :) Let us know once you have a blog going and I promise to follow it!

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