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AVA Inflation

Posted by EMark, May 19, 2013.

I confess that I subscribe to Wine Spectator--and, yes, I look at the ratings pages in the back.  I do not read every article, but I pick and choose.  The latest issue does have a fairly interesting, albeit, high level article on the Anderson Valley in Northern California.  Also, there is a two-paragraph blurb on the effort of a California Central Coast vineyard owner to expand the area defining the Sta. Rita Hills AVA.  Not surprisingly, his motives are economic.  Also, not suprisingly, the opposition that he faces is based on self-interest.

On reading these two paragraphs I wondered, if this petition succeeds and the Sta. Rita Hills AVA was extended, would there also be the creation of a subregion that defines the original boundary called Sta. Rita Hills Classico?

The version of this article that is on the Wine Spectator website, has more information than the printed version.  Most of the additional information is of the ilk that convinces me that this is why we will always have lawyers--and I mean that in the best possible way.  However, the most interesting of this additional information is that this attempt at AVA inflation is not without precedent.  I did not know this until today, (If it was discussed here on Snooth, I missed it.)  but in 2011 the Russian River Valley AVA was expanded at the prodding of the Gallo company who wanted some of their properties (near highway 101) included.  It looks like this was a multi-year effort by Gallo, and opposition to the change was, pretty much, intimidated by the economic clout of the petitioner.  The figures, cited in the article, who did publicly object have sufficient financial independence from Gallo.

It appears that nobody suggested my idea and created the Russian River Valley Classico.  Actually, that really doesn't have a ring to it.  Sta. Rita Hills Classico, however, has the sound of a winner.  Sta. Rita Classico is even better. 




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