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Are You Suggesting that Servers Migrate?

Posted by Mark Angelillo, May 2, 2008.

No, we didn't carry them by the husk, but last night Snooth moved from New York to Dallas. We've got a sparkling new set of shiny servers. They're powerful, they're RAIDed, and we're happy to have them.

Back in the early days of Snooth, we were running on one server. It was kind of a junker, 2 gigabytes of RAM, one processor, but we were still trying to prove ourselves and didn't need the kind of firepower that we now feel we owe you. Snooth is growing up. Philip talks about the giant shoes we've recently acquired through the partnership with Global Wine Stocks . We're all about getting ourselves the room to grow into what we know will be a very important resource.

So what does this mean for you? Well, check it out. Hopefully you'll notice the site is faster, especially for searches. Talk should be faster too (although we have some designs on scaling that with an eye towards being able to search it). Also, if you're a California Snoother, you may notice that you have a faster experience simply because the servers are closer to you. (All traffic is in some way effected by the speed of light -- the time for light to travel between the source and you is called latency.)

So let us know what you think unless of course you're too busy snoothing around for your next bottle. Of course, we do want to hear about that one, too.

Finally, many thanks to Justin for his hard work on this. Now it's back to work.


Reply by Philip James, May 2, 2008.

Great, smooth and speedy work by Justin and Mark. The site was down for barely 90 minutes, which considering they moved over 50 gigs of data, more than 5 servers, re-pointed DNS and rebuilt an index of millions of wine prices is quite an incredible task.

Not sure what our next hardware milestone is, but maybe when we reach 100GB of RAM between our machines, or some other arbitrary point, we'll wave our little flags.

These new machines are beasts. As Mark says, Raided SCSI machines with up to 4 64bit cores and 8GB of ram, so we're looking forward to growing into our shoes with these.

Blog comment by Chris, May 2, 2008.

Don't mess with Texas

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