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Anyone out there ever had the Shining Hill (Col Solare's little brother)...?

Posted by ChipDWood, Jul 10, 2011.

I'm a huge fan of the Col Solare (that '03 was slammin') but have yet to try the minor league team in the Shining Hill.

Anyone ever had this (the '06 as shown or otherwise)?


Reply by GregT, Jul 10, 2011.

Yep.  About 2 weeks ago.  Not bad.  I think I paid something like $18 so it wasn't such a bad deal either.  It's solid, but I wouldn't call it brilliant.  We'd just killed a bottle of Ukiah, which was really a good wine - ripe but not overly so, a touch of wood, some herbaceousness but not irritating, complex, long, really a surprise because I didn't know that wine. So we needed another bottle and I opened the Shining Hill, figuring I'd stay with WA.   

It was nice enough, but in comparison with the Ukiah a little restrained. Not as opulent, a bit leaner, not bad, but nothing to blow your hair back either. I'd open it with a Bordeaux though, to see how it was side by side.  The one thing it did have was acidity, although compared to the Ukiah, it didn't have the richness.  I have another bottle and I'll try that in the near future.  Again, for the price, I couldn't complain and take my rambling with a lot of skepticism because we'd already gone through any number of other wines, so I can't comment entirely fairly. 

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