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Anyone have a good mulled wine recipe?

Posted by RamonG, Dec 1, 2011.



Reply by dmcker, Dec 2, 2011.

So do you like yours tasting more like wine, or more like a hot toddy? Drier or sweeter? At home on a cold, damp evening, or on top of a ski slope when you want fast energy?  Etc....

Reply by AdamJefferson, Dec 4, 2011.

I went on a holiday tour of the Missouri River wineland a few years ago and the mulled wine served at one of the wineries was by far the best wine on the tour. Some of the food was terrific. For a twelve bottle case of hot mulled wine for an open house or something like that where you need a quantity but aren't sure how much (and most mulled wine is served at such things), consider making up a pretty strong base mix by bringing a two liters or so of your wine to a simmer adding from the start about three tablespoons each of cloves and allspice very coursely crushed, ten cinnamon sticks, and the the peeled but not minced zest of an orange (more orange zest is OK). While that's simmering add a fresh sprig of rosemary and keep that in the mix for five or ten minutes max; you want to smell it but not much more. Some like a sliver of fresh ginger. If so, do the same with that. Remove and discard the rosemary and ginger if used and keep the rest of the base mix off to the side. Just before you're ready for guests, but before the mix has cooled completely to room temperature, strain through a doubled cheesecloth, squeezing out most of the excess liquid, and set aside. As you serve, add 3/4 of a cup of the base mix (about a tenth of it, because you have ten bottles of your case left) to each bottle of wine after bringing to serving temperature, floating a few sticks of cinnamon and some orange peel for looks if you're using an open punchbowl type of service. This lets you serve a uniform beverage throughout your event without messing with adding more components, or mixing up way more in advance than your attendance requires. You should be able to keep the base mix in the refrigerator for quite a while.

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