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Another wine dinner - Arietta w/ Fritz Hatton

Posted by JenniferT, Apr 7, 2014.

Well it looks like I may get to attend another wine dinner! 

Fritz Hatton will be in attendance, representing Arietta wines (Napa). Do you guys know anything about them? I was hoping to do some research in advance. 


Reply by GregT, Apr 8, 2014.

Yep. I think that one of the partners in addition to Hatton was John Kongsgaard. As far as I know, Hatton was in some kind of other business and may have even worked at Zachy's out in NY. He hooked up with Kongsgaard and they got Andy Erickson to make their wine. I think it's purchase fruit from vineyards that they found/liked/etc.

Not easy to find. I used to see them back in the early 2000s but really haven't seen it much since. Let us know how the wines are. If I'm not mistaken, they mostly made Merlot blends, sometimes with Cab Franc and sometimes with Syrah? I liked that approach and seem to recall that the Merlot/CF blend, if that's what it was, tasted pretty good. Never had the Syrah blend but would like to.

Reply by JenniferT, Apr 8, 2014.

Thanks Greg - I was somewhat disappointed that one of the winemakers wasn't going to be in attendance instead of Mr. Hatton, as principal. I need to RSVP and was torn between this and a different event (a winemaker dinner with Thomas Sichta from Chehalem Winery in Oregon). I may splurge and try to attend both if I think they are of sufficient educational value to justify the cost.


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