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Posted by Hustle, Dec 4, 2008.

I was always a beer guy. Raised in Pennsylvania, an hour east of Yuengling; went to college in the same region. So beer was never far from my mind or either hand.

But, alas, we all grow up. My wife - whom I fell for on our first date after she admitted loving Yuengling - tells me of all this great wine from her home state, someplace out west called Oregon. Eh, whatever. I've got beer, and a Gentleman Jack from time to time does the trick too.

On my birthday a few years ago, she takes me out to a nearby Shula's Steakhouse. Being a good husband, I know she'll want some wine. I pick something near to her heart off the menu, a pinot gris (reds give her migraines) from her home state called Big Fire. I indulge too.

"Well, son of a... it ain't half bad," I thought.

And so began a precipitous spiral. One bottle turned into another. Which led to me wondering how a pinot was different than a sauv. Which led to me wondering how an Oregon pinot was different than an Italian pinot, and how a Cali sauv was different than an Australian sauv. Which further led to me starting a blog so I could keep track of what I liked. Which finally led to 130 wines sampled over the past year and me, always seeking out information, posting right here.

So here I am. Thanks for having me.


Reply by oceank8, Dec 5, 2008.

Welcome to snooth! I too turned my husband into a wine drinker, just proves us wives are good for something!

Do you also drink whites exclusively? Do you have a link to your blog that you would like to share?

Reply by Adam Levin, Dec 5, 2008.

Welcome to Snooth. I have yet to be really disappointed by Oregonian wines. Who are your favorite producers?

Reply by Mark Angelillo, Dec 5, 2008.

Hey, welcome to Snooth. Thanks for sharing your "How I learned to love wine" story.

I spent some time in PA myself -- had my share of Yuenglings for sure. (Or just "lager", I guess)

Reply by Hustle, Dec 5, 2008.

Yeah, I love me some Lager, Mark. Except I moved south and when I return home, I embarrass myself and my heritage by ordering a "Yuengling."

Adam: I very much enjoyed the A to Z pinot grigio though in retrospect, I gave it a lower grade than it deserved. I can drink Evolution anytime, anywhere. Really, there's only been seven Oregons that I graded, which is entirely too little.

OceanK: You give yourself too little credit. I won't speak for you husband, but I'm certain my wife fully realizes the unmitigated disaster my life would be without her guidance, patience and steady hand. Yeah, she's a keeper. Anywho, I've begun to dip my toes into the world of reds; I've found that I can enjoy a port and, more generally, the less-tannic reds. At a recent party, friends of ours were kind enough to open a bottle of Justin Isoceles, which was a wonderful drink. So much so that I intended to get a bottle for a colleague's party the following week... until I saw the price. D'oh! Whites are cheaper, and I like that. : )

You can find the blog at:

Most of the time it's been just me rambling about what I liked or didn't about a wine. I know that a true test of a wine is how it measures up to a gold standard, but this is much more personal; as such, I make no claim to be an expert or have any credibility beyond being any other yahoo shouting his opinion. Anyone's welcome to browse around and tell me I'm full of crap... there won't be any censorship on my end.

Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Dec 5, 2008.

Yuengling Porter was my beer for a year or two. Had it on tap in my restaurant until Yuengling told me they were cutting me off since they could keep up with demand. I don't drink that much do I?

Welcome to the board. Nice blog too!

One day , after your second bottle of red for the evening, you'll look back on all this and laught how it started! You're gonna find the first one that knocks your socks off and from there it's all down hill. I see you've tried pinot, I would suggest a schiava from Northern Italy for your next foray into reds.

The isoceles is a pretty big and bold bottle. You might be farther down the slippery slope than I thought!

Reply by Psycheotix, Dec 6, 2008.

Well, I checked your blog and what a great idea to post you wine tastings and wine notes. I really like your story on how you got interested in wine. Welcome to the site. P.S. really admire how much you love and appreciate your wife. Is beautiful to be in love with someone and also with wine.

Reply by Philip James, Dec 8, 2008.

Hustle - great story, welcome to the site.

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