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Another great tasting in Napa, this Friday and...

Posted by dmcker, Nov 15, 2010.

Well, Napagirl, here's either an excuse to look for a babysitter, or another couple delicious opportunities you will have missed... ;-)


Two can't miss events: Coho and...

Just the kind of way we like to finish off a fun and successful run of our in-store Pulse Tastings: with our talented friends and neighbors who make smoking wines. We have two upcoming events that you really ought to know about, the first being this Friday's Pulse Tasting featuring Coho Wines.

While ACME has been proudly selling Coho wines for several years now, we noticed a sea change about a couple of years ago when we started getting repeat phone calls of a very similar nature. 

"Hey- you guys sell Coho Headwaters?"
"I heard ACME sells Coho Headwaters, is that right?"
"How many bottles of Headwaters am I allowed to purchase?" 

To us, this is like your dog acting squirrely right before an earthquake. Something big is *just* about to occur. For Gary Lipp & Brooks Painter, they had received a very nice score in a very well known publication. Then, a year later, they received the same juicy score from the same publication. The public was getting excited. 

This was no overnight success for Gary & Brooks, who both spent decades working for big fancy wineries like Robert Mondavi Winery, Paul  Hobbs and others. Their small personal brand, Coho, has been an ACME favorite since 2007, and we are not surprised that the wider wine world has caught on to this project. 

Have you sampled the line up? Please join us on Friday, November 19th to taste and purchase: 

- Coho, Headwaters, Red Wine, Napa Valley 2008- $42 (click to purchase)

- Coho, Stanly Ranch, Pinot Noir, Carneros 2008- $45 (click to purchase)

- Coho, Michael Black Vineyard, Merlot, Napa Valley 2006- $50 (click to purchase)

 As a special thank you to those who can join us in person on Friday, we will extend our 10% discount on all Coho purchases that evening. Gary will pour tastes of Coho wines from 5 PM - 7 PM at ACME on Friday, and no RSVP is needed for this special tasting event. 

Last but not least, SAVE THAT DATE! (sorry to yell, this is big.)

ACME is hosting another holiday open house / bring a bottle party with our charming neighbors from Panevino & Bastos. Thursday December 16th from 4 - 7 PM... look for the official invite and chance to RSVP coming soon!

With our sincere thanks, 

ACME Fine Wines

1080 Fulton Lane


Reply by outthere, Nov 15, 2010.

How about this for a sick blind tasting lineup I missed out on Saturday in Napa:

1. 1999 Testarossa Syrah Gary's Vineyard
2. 1999 Rostaing Cote Rotie Cote Blonde
3. 2005 Alban Lorraine
4. 2003 Pegau da Capo
5. 2004 Pegau Reservee
6. 2003 Clos des Papes
7. 2007 Janasse Vielle Vignes
8. 2005 Saxum Rocket Block
9. 2007 Janasse Chaupin
10. 2005 Sine Qua Non Atlantis Syrah
11. 2007 Lillian Syrah
12. 2004 Agharta Syrah
13. 2008 Jacquelynne To-Kalon Cab - Chateau Boswell
14. 2002 Shafer HSS
15. 2002 Sloan
16. 2002 Pride Reserve Claret
17. 1986 Lafite Rothschild
18. 2004 Quilceda Creek
19. 2003 Quilceda Creek
20. 2007 Quilceda Creek Palengat
21. 2007 Kapcsandy Grand Vin
22. 2008 Schrader Beckstoffer To-Kalon
23. 2001 Rieussec
24. 2001 Doisy Daene L'Extravage

Plus: Non-blind

2008 Ziata Sauvignon Blanc
2007 Rivers Marie B. Thieriot Chardonnay
2004 Aubert Ritchie Chardonnay
Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve
2004 Leoville Barton
2006 Ghost Horse Shadow
2007 Educated Guess
2009 O'Reilly's Pinot Noir


Reply by napagirl68, Nov 16, 2010.

DMCKER!  You are so evil!!  LOL!  I can only get to Napa when it works... it worked a few wks ago, but no special events.  But I had a GREAT time and discovered GREAT wine.

No, there is no way to Napa this Fri.. other plans... but...

has anyone heard of this winery:

Was told I should GET THERE NOW.

Reply by Richard Foxall, Nov 16, 2010.

Donkey and a Goat is run by friends of friends.  I will ask more when I see the freinds. 

outthere, that is quite a lineup.  What, pray tell, was the occasion of that tasting?  If it's offered again and you can't make it, can you send a proxy? 

Reply by outthere, Nov 16, 2010.

It was a 100ptr offline mixed with some other gems. A "just for the fun of it" get-together.

Reply by dmcker, Nov 17, 2010.

Sounds like pretty fine fun to me. Hope the people were as good as the wines... ;-)

Reply by VegasOenophile, Nov 17, 2010.

The Headwaters is damn delicious wine!!

Reply by StevenBabb, Nov 18, 2010.

for some reason i have yet to hear of coho... hmmm

sounds good... i'll have to keep my eye out...

Reply by dmcker, Nov 18, 2010.

Outthere, what were the particular stars mentioned by the tasters from among that star-studded grouping of bottles?

Reply by outthere, Nov 18, 2010.

Here are ones notes on the evening:

Flight 1
1999 Testarossa Syrah Gary's Vineyard
: Complex dark-fruited nose of pepper, smoke, lavendar, earth. Good acidity. Still youthful and vibrant on the palate. This was a "surprise" wine for this flight. We were only told that there would be a second 1999 in the flight. Opinion varied on whether this was French or New World, with most at my end of the table thinking it was the Cote Rotie. Provided a reminder of the aging potential of some California syrah. (94 pts)

1999 Rostaing Cote Rotie Cote Blonde: Nose seemed a bit odd to me--slightly funky with some soapy chemicals. Palate seemed faded, with a dry sawdust mouthfeel on the finish. Others liked this much more than I did (87).

2005 Alban Lorraine: The usual rich Alban nose of dark fruit, purple flowers, with a hint of olives. The palate was almost as impressive. Good acidity and balance for such a big wine. In general, we had trouble identifying the wines in each flight, but the Alban was easy to pick out. (95)

Flight 2
2003 Pegau da Capo:
 Peppery, briny nose with a hint of chocolate. Dark-fruited. Massive. The alcohol did stick out a bit. (93)

2004 Pegau Reservee: Lifted nose of blackberries and with a hint of cedar. Slightly liquer-like. Better balance than the prior wine, but not as powerful (93)

2003 Clos des Papes: I thought the fruit on the nose was slightly stewed and found the palate somewhat astrigent. Might not have been a good bottle, but others thought it was characteristic of this wine. (86)

Overall, a disappointing flight for me relative to expectations.

Flight 3
2007 Janasse Vielle Vignes: 
High-toned nose of red fruit with some menthol notes. Bright and lively on the palate. (94)

2005 Saxum Rocket Block: Very ripe in style. Some brown sugar on the nose. Big ripe blackberry palate. Slightly flabby (92)

2007 Janasse Chaupin: Lighter in style than the Vielle Vignes. Red-fruited. Good acidity. (93)

Flight 4
2005 Sine Qua Non Atlantis Syrah:
 One of the highlights of the evening to me. Black and purple fruit. Everything was nicely balanced and proportioned. Had good palate density without being overbearing. Hints of chocolate and menthol on the nose. (96)

2007 Lillian Syrah: Super ripe nose, a bit dry on the finish (93)

2004 Agharta Syrah: Pleasant ripe nose. Finish seemed a bit short. (91)

Flight 5
2008 Jacquelynne To-Kalon Cab:
 Slutty, vulgar, ostentatious. Couldn't stop drinking it. Only those raised in religious traditions with no concept of guilt will be able to fully appreciate this. Rumor has it that a certain well-known critic went gaga over this wine during a recent visit to California (95)

2002 Shafer HSS: Balanced, composed nose of dark currants, with a nice graphite note. Palate was not as big and tiring as some of the other Cabs. (94)

2002 Sloan: Nose was rather mute, and the palate seemed a touch shrill to me. Others liked it much more (89)

2002 Pride Reserve Claret: Had some bitter chocolate on the dark-fruited nose. Somewhat medicinal flavors. Long finish (90). 

I believe the Lafite Rothschild was served alone between Flights 5 and 6.

1986 Lafite Rothschild: Quite a contrast to the bigger, younger cabs. Some lovely tertiary notes: cedar, graphite, smoke, tar. Concentrated yet significantly more elegant than the Cabs. (95)

Flight 6
2004 Quilceda Creek:
 Slightly bretty, seemed closed. Not much going on (90)

2003 Quilceda Creek: Closed (89)

2007 Quilceda Creek Palengat: Lots of wood (87) 

Anyone notice a pattern? Someone suggested Quilceda Creeks need several days of air to show well.

2007 Kapcsandy Grand Vin: Now we're talking. Super smooth. Delicious ripe but not over-ripe fruit. Plush mouthfeel. Velvety tannins. Impressive showing considering how tired I was getting. (96)

Served alone:
2008 Schrader Beckstoffer To-Kalon: An OMG wine. Super-rich nose of cassis with some menthol and cedar notes. Great structure. Even more impressive than the Kapcsandy after all these wines. My WOTN (97) 

Oh one more thing (said in my best Lieutenant Colombo imitation), there were also two Sauternes:

2001 Rieussec: peaches and drizzled honey on the nose, viscuous, good acidity (96)

2001 Doisy Daene L'Extravagent: peach pit nose, slightly petrolly, pears and honey on the palate. (95)

As impressive as this lineup of wines were, the company was even better.

Reply by dmcker, Nov 18, 2010.

So I assume, outthere, these were someone else's notes, since you said you missed the event? Thanks for passing these along.

Am I wrong to assume this taster is a fan of particularly big wines, and may not have as much experience drinking French as Californian?

What kind of food went with these?

Reply by dmcker, Nov 18, 2010.

Oh yeah, meant also to query you about my assumption that the rater was feeling generous after all this great fermented juice, the buzz from it and the pleasant gathering? Ratings of 92 for a flabby wine, or 90 for something bretty and closed, etc.?

Reply by outthere, Nov 18, 2010.

Can't speak for him. Just passed along his notes. It was billed as a blind 100pt tasting so maybe he feels that a poor showing 100ptr is a 90ptr. I guess ya had to be there.

Food was Dry Aged Chateaubriand and sides.

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