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Posted by Blue Lizard Bar, Apr 13, 2011.

First of all, I must make the following disclaimers: I know very little about wine...except I know what I like.

Blue Lizard Bar is NOT a real bar...except what my wife and I built on our back deck. We have lots of green lizards...but no Blue ones...except our Bar.

We are always exploring wine options. I am a huge fan of strong oak flavors in my wines. I like the taste. My wife drinks whatever I  She knows less about wine than I do!

We look forward to being schooled.

Mike & Donna

Over the Rainbow & at the Blue Lizard Bar, Georgia


Reply by Stephen Harvey, Apr 18, 2011.


Welcome, need any advice on Aussie wine just post a question.

We have plenty of Blue Lizards in Australia - well they are actually called Blue Tongue lizards

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