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An Alaska in love with Wine

Posted by Vino York, Jan 12, 2012.


Hello Everyone, 

           I am 28 and working on the slope...(oil field)... in Alaska. I have been enjoying wine for about 2 years. I've learned that I have an old worldly taste in wine. I like the deeper heavier red wines with some meat to it. Petite Syrah, Zin's, and many blends are what really draw my eye these days. I love that I found this site because I have been so curious about sine and i feel this site's forum will really help me learn a lot. Good to meet all of you and I hope to post on your topics in the future.this is the first wine i ever made... very good, but a bit sweeter then i like to drink. going to let the last few bottles age a bit before opening them again. this is the winery both me and my mother/father in laws make our batches of wine. combined we have made over 16 batches of wine. good veriety to choose from. one of my favorite places to go and taste wine. 


Reply by JonDerry, Jan 13, 2012.

Sounds like fun, where are your grapes sourced from to make the wine?


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