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All in a day's work

Posted by Gregory Dal Piaz, Aug 2, 2012.


Reply by Richard Foxall, Aug 2, 2012.

Hah, I just mentioned how hard your work is at the bottom of the Zin bucket list article. 

That looks like about 22 wines.  I would have palate burnout after half that number, I bet.  Also, hard to see how things develop when you have only so many hours in a day.  Sounds great, but as I learned long ago, best way to sour yourself on something you love is do it for a living--anytime you have to do something for a paycheck, some small amount of enjoyment is lost.  On the other hand, no one wants to hear you complain. 

What were they?  Anything stand out?  By the corks, I can guess red and by the bottles not Burg or Rhone. ;-)

And what do they say about not putting beverages near the keyboard?

Reply by EMark, Aug 2, 2012.

Thank you, Greg, for sacrificing yourself for our benefit.


Reply by Gregory Dal Piaz, Aug 2, 2012.

best way to sour yourself on something you love is do it for a living

Aint that a fact.

More ZInfandel, 24 bottles of them, and only one spilled on the keyboard.

Big winner is 2010 Dashe Flrorence Vineyard

Other top rated wines were:

2009 Bella Belle Canyon Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley 14.3%
2009 Klinker Brick Winery Old Vine Zinfandel Lodi 15.8%
2009 Frank Family Zinfandel Napa Valley 15%
2010 Dashe Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley 13.7%
2008 Benessere Black Glass Vineyard Zinfandel Napa Valley 14.7% $28
2009 Summers Four Acre Zinfandel Napa Valley 14.2%
2009 Alysian Bradford Mtn Block Three Zinfandel Sonoma County 14.5%



Reply by Richard Foxall, Aug 2, 2012.

I like the Bella Zins really well.  If I didn't have a boat load of Mauritson and Talty in the basement, plus the odd Dashe or Turley someone brings over, I'd be all over those. 

For me that lesson was learned in the publishing business. I still love books (remember those?) but any idea that it would be a good career for me was put to rest pretty quickly. 

Reply by outthere, Aug 2, 2012.

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. Bedrock is releasing next week!!

Reply by Richard Foxall, Aug 2, 2012.

Yes, that's why I'm volunteering to help out when I go to NYC in November...

Reply by JonDerry, Aug 2, 2012.

What a picture...god's work!

Good to know 2010's are fair game, definitely looking forward to see what Bedrock has coming out.

Reply by outthere, Aug 2, 2012.

Here's what Morgan had to say about next weeks release, I may be going deep on Evangelho for the early drinker status:


Hey Guys! The next release is going to be on August 7th to current members of the Mailing List with members of the Waiting List getting a chance at any wines leftover the following Tuesday the 14th (which will be roughly when we start picking for the new sparkling!). Though I reserve the right to change my mind about anything, based on what I tasted today I plan on releasing the following (I have included the couple notes I have already written):
2011 Compagni Portis Heritage White
2011 Sonoma Valley Old-Vine Zinfandel: If there is any wine of the 2011 releases that accurately demonstrates the poised, claret-like, character of the 2011 vintage it is the 2011 Sonoma Valley Old-Vine. The late ripening Stellwagen Vineyard once again was included into this cuvee to lend its dark fruit, and Casa Santinamaria, another vineyard originally slated for vineyard designation, was included for its beautiful spice. The remainder of the wine is composed of Zinfandel from the terraced Los Chamizal Vineyard, some younger vine fruit from Rossi Ranch in Kenwood, a few barrels of Monte Rosso Zinfandel, and a dollop of old-vine Carignane and Mourvedre from my Bedrock Vineyard. This is old-school Zin- bright, focused, and energetic. Like previous releases of this wine, I would expect it will reward a year or so of short-term aging.
2011 Evangelho Heritage Wine, Contra Costa County: I might be more excited about this wine than any wine in the cellar this year. The 100+-year-old mixed vines of Evangelho Vineyard stretch upwards on their own roots out of 40’ banks of sand. This wine was made on a lark and a percentage of its profits should probably be given back to my friend who called me September 9th of 2011 saying that Frankie Evangelho still had some fruit, and that it was good. I arrived at the vineyard having never been to Contra Costa County before. Upon arriving I rubbed my bleary eyes, trying to clarify the image of vines from California’s viticultural antiquity standing proud against the backdrop of softly blinking lights atop the towers of the PG&E power plant behind it. I was greeted by Frank Evangelho, forever to be known as Frankie from here forward, and as my bins were loaded on the picking trailers I was asked what I wanted to pick. I asked about Zinfandel, but after tasting delicious unpicked Mourvedre and Carignane I asked about that too. We started picking: first the Zinfandel, mixed with Carignane and Mourvedre, then the Mourvedre mixed with Carignane and some whites, and then the Carignane mixed with Mourvedre and whites. He asked if I wanted the whites. Sure! Back at the winery the fruit was all destemmed together into the same fermenter. I am not quite sure what is actually what but my guess is that it is about 40% Zinfandel, 25% Mourvedre, 15% Carignane, and 10% mixed whites. The wine, if I may say so, is fucking delicious. As with Rhone wines that grow on sand, the wine is marked by high-tone perfume and lift, broad rich fruit, and a pirouette of bright acid that leaves the mouth watering. What is perhaps most exciting is that in the three years of 2009, 2010, and 2011, where I generally have to tell people to “wait! Don’t drink that yet!,” I can say,” Drink this! Drink it with this year’s Turkey!”
2011 Papera Ranch Zinfandel, Russian River Valley
2011 Saitone Ranch Zinfandel, Russian River Valley: From a vineyard right next to Papera planted in 1896. 
2011 Dolinsek Heritage Wine, Russian River Valley
2011 Bedrock Heritage Wine, Sonoma Valley
2010 Griffin's Lair Syrah, Sonoma Coast
You may notice that the term Heirloom is no longer being used, which is thanks to a C and D from Diageo. That said, the juice is the same!

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